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6th Grade Science Tutoring
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6th Grade Science Tutoring Online by Expert Science Tutors

The Online Science Tutoring Program will provide you access to qualified Science Tutors for Grade 6.

Our tutors will help you understand the core ideas of topics under different sections.

Our services are highly affordable and our tutors are highly-flexible to accommodate your child at times convenient for them.

The tutors can also customize the schedule according to the child’s individual weaknesses and interests.

Certified Online Science Tutors for 6th Graders

Science & Technology are subjects that can neither be learned within a day nor a year; they have to be studied, understood, and conceptualized over a longer period of time.

Grade 6 Science topics take a student further into the depth of reasoning out the world’s phenomena. Coupling scientific theory with real-life situations by our expert Grade 6 Science tutors strengthens concepts and helps in lifelong retention.

It is well known that science learning is incomplete unless applied to reality. That’s exactly what our online 6th Grade Science tutor does…teach children to relate each concept to the environment around them.

At eTutorWorld, our professional online science tutors help you in your science preparation. You receive the benefits of Personalized, Affordable & One on One Tutoring. Additionally, you can download the free 6th Grade Science Worksheets for practice. Schedule a Free Session with our expert tutors now!

Grade 6 Science Topics

With our 6th grade science tutoring, your child will learn about:

PHYSICAL SCIENCESMS-PS1.AStructure and Properties of MatterAtoms and Molecules
States of Matter
Transformation of States
MS-PS1.BChemical ReactionsPhysical Changes
Chemical Changes
MS-PS3.AEnergyIntroduction to Energy
Types of Energy
Energy Transfer
MS-PS2.AForce and MotionWhat is force and motion?
Speed and Velocity
MS-PS4.AWaves and their applicationsWave interaction
LIFE SCIENCESMS-LS1.AStructure and FunctionPlant and Animal Cells
Parts of a Cell and their functions
Tissues and body systems
MS-LS1.BGrowth and development of organismsThe Cell Cycle
How Plants Grow and Reproduce
MS-LS1.CMatter and Energy Flow in OrganismsEnergy in Photosynthesis
Energy and Ecosystems
Flow of Energy - Food Chains and Food Webs
MS-LS1.DInformation ProcessingThe Neuron
The Human Nervous System
MS-LS3.ABiological EvolutionThe Origin and History of Life on Earth
Evolution, Rocks and Fossils
ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCESMS-LS2.AEcosystems - interactions and dynamicsBiotic and abiotic factors
MS-ESS3Earth and Human ActivityEnvironmental Issues
Impact of environmetal changes on organisms
Natural Resources
Conservation of Earth
MS-ESS1Earth's place in the UniverseThe Universe
The Solar System
Structure of Earth
MS-ESS2Earth's SystemsEarth Systems
Plate Tectonics
Magnetic Field of Earth
Materials and Processes that shape Earth

Online Tutoring Plan for 6th Grade Science 

6th Grade Science Tutoring


6th Grade Science Tutors


6th Grade Online Science Tutoring


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Benefits of 6th Grade Science Tutoring at eTutorWorld

One-On-One Tutoring

eTutorWorld offers one-on-one tutoring sessions where a child receives individual attention from trained kindergarten teachers. These teachers are hand-picked for their experience and expertise. All the sessions at eTutorWorld are recorded so that parents and students can revisit topics whenever they want.

Individualized Lesson Plans

Every child learns differently. That is why we create individualized lesson plans after conducting an assessment test. This test is used to gauge a student’s capabilities and learning gaps. The result of this test is used to create a unique lesson plan that can serve the individual learning needs of the child.

Customized Worksheets

After creating an individual lesson plan, we focus on providing unique worksheets to the students. They are also created according to individual learning needs. So, every child gets a different worksheet to practice the same lesson. Surprised? Don’t be. Research has proven that when children receive instructions custom-designed to their level, they perform better as compared to the times they receive standardized instructions.

Flexible Timeline

At eTutorWorld, we understand that young minds are volatile and that is why we offer flexible timelines. We let the child decide the study time. We also offer the flexibility of splitting a one-hour session into two sessions of different subjects. This way, our kindergartners can study when they want and they also get to decide how much. After all, a happy kid learns better than a grumpy one who is forced to sit through an online session

6th Grade Science Tutor

Get ready to meet our expert tutors for scientific perspectives on technical masterpieces. Whether your child is studying for quizzesassessmentsexams, or a standardized test, let her learn Science according to her requirements & abilities. With help and guidance from our tutors, students can score top grades in Science.

Get the advantage of online tutoring for your child at eTutorWorld!

Parents can schedule their child’s online tutoring sessions in advance from anywhere and at any time. They can schedule sessions around their child’s timetable with her favorite science tutor. While parents are away to work, their children can learn online from the comfort of their homes. There’s no hassle of traveling to a learning center or coordinating with a visiting tutor.

At eTutorWorld, our expert Middle School Science tutors, fuel your child’s curiosity through continuous interaction during an online tutoring session. Such fun-filled and interesting sessions help the child to eventually interrogate, investigate and discover answers to questions independently.

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