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how online tutoring works

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how online tutoring works

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how online tutoring works

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Interactive Online Tutoring

Affordable Learning at your Convenience 

Personalized interactive online tutoring has never been this enjoyable. At eTutorWorld your child is not only exposed to expert subject tutors but also to the latest teaching methods and technology that make learning interactive and fun.

Demo of a 1-on-1 Live Online Tutoring Lesson for Middle School Math – (Video)

Our learning technology uses an interactive whiteboard with audio and chat that is simple and easy to use. All that you need is a headset or an inbuilt microphone, a home computer and an internet connection so your child can interact live and online with the tutor of your choice.
  • Real-time environment that recreates the classroom in the comfort of your home.
  • Voice-based sessions with your very own personal tutors. Interact, chat and talk live with them.
  • Share documents, assignments, tests or even e-books during your lesson and beyond.
  • Write and draw on the whiteboard using fun tools
  • Watch your tutor explain concepts and demonstrate problem solving methods.
  • Ask questions and get answers in real time.
  • All sessions are recorded for review anytime. Students can replay sessions to review and refresh concepts.
  • Solve practice worksheets by your tutor post-session to internalize concepts taught.
  • Make Homework no longer a chore and let learning be no more a routine.
eTutorWorld’s secure online classroom and effective teaching methods have bettered scores of 1000’s of students and can make a difference in your child’s classroom grades too.

Develop the Skills to Perform and Succeed

We plan interactive online tutoring programs according to your child’s requirements. The steps followed to doing so are:

  1. Your academic strengths and weaknesses are identified using a Diagnostic Assessment.
  2. Our counselor talks to you about any specific requirements and plans for the best learning path for you.
  3. Taking into consideration this analysis, the counselor and your tutor together plan your future tutoring sessions so you can learn quickly with a better understanding.
  4. Every tutoring session is aimed at meeting a specific objective which eventually helps you achieve at school and beyond.
  5. Practice sheets after every tutoring lesson make sure that you assimilate the concept taught and gain confidence.
  6. Thereby, your queries and errors regarding the worksheet are discussed in the next tutoring lesson.
  7. The tutor administers summative assessments after every academic concept is mastered by you.
  8. Regular assessments help your tutor to understand if the intended objectives have been achieved and subsequent lessons are accordingly designed.

Take part in an exciting and engaging session that makes learning fun! Join this live online tutoring program. Start Now.