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At eTutorWorld, our science tutors care deeply about your child’s curiosity. That is the first trait we aim to encourage. Science and its concepts are taught so that your child marvels at both the simplicities and complexities of the art of exploring and understanding the world around us. Properties of matter in physics, the human body and animal kingdom in biology, energy, machines & motion in physics, the chemical makeup of macro and microorganisms in chemistry, earth and space: the concepts in science tutoring at eTutorWorld are endless.

Our online science tutors use simple and easy-to-learn methods to develop a deep knowledge and understanding of basic scientific ideas. Our science tutoring methods focus helping students make real world applications of all science concepts learned, thereby ensuring steady ascendancy to higher levels in all branches of Science.

Our online science tutoring sessions are fun and interactive. Students from grades K-12 and beyond can schedule regular science tutoring sessions with our expert science tutors. Science tutoring in ChemistryBiologyPhysics and all related branches of science will open your child’s mind to newer ways of thinking and analyzing the world around them.

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Why work with a Science Tutor at eTutorWorld?

  1. Empower your child to excel in science at school
  2. Give your child the best of online tutoring in biology, chemistry, physics and other science concepts.
  3. Give them access to hundreds of science worksheets.
  4. Prepare for Standardized Tests
  5. Get Science Assignment and Experiment Help
  6. Get homework help for science from expert tutors
  7. Keep the flames of curiosity burning

Your personal online science tutor will empower you with simple and logical approaches towards Science. Gaining mastery over Science is more about understanding how to think and how to apply principles logically. Science sometimes might seem to be too vast and mindboggling, we agree – which is why our online science tutors have devised ways and means to always make science tutoring for your child appealing and fun.  Your child will experience the benefits of developing a strong foundation in the various branches of Science and depth in conceptual understanding paving the way for a lasting passion for the subject.


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Graduation in Botany, a degree in Education and has qualified the Central Teachers’ Eligibility Test.

1,000+ hrs of Tutoring

Passion:  I am passionate about learning and teaching as Sharing knowledge and helping people to grow is its own reward.
Idea about life : I believe that the components of dedication and discipline are what keep people moving forward through the low times when they doubt themselves or their path. Success in all things goes to the people who choose to take action and work on their goals. Action is what leads to every single successful venture, whether it’s personal development or professional.
Hobbies: Reading articles, writing, Travelling and Practising yoga.


Science Tutor
Bachelors in Economics

500+ hrs of Tutoring

I am a hardworking and motivated person who has acquired knowledge in the field through the study of training management and experience. I have been working as a tutor for the last 2 years and I enjoy spreading knowledge.


Science Tutor
Masters in Zoology and Computer Applications.

10,000+ hrs of Tutoring

I enjoy listening to music – both vocal and instrumental. For me meditation and yoga are great ways to relax and to nourish the mind and body. I also like cooking… YUMMIES in my free time. I completely believe that in life we should make every moment better and happier. Life is more about creating YOURSELF as we are ARTISTS of our own lives.


Science Tutor
Masters in English Literature, a Degree in Education and qualified the Central Teachers’ Eligibility Test

2,000+ hrs of Tutoring

Nidhi loves to read books, travel and dance. Being among kids are her best moments. ‘I always seek a balance in my life where I strive to explore all dimensions of life keeping peace of mind at the first place. Being sincere and honest in doing everything that I do is my strength.’

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