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STAAR Test Prep Online

Texas STAAR Test Prep Online – Customized Lesson Plans & Practice Worksheets

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STAAR stands for State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness. It is a standardized test for 3-12 students in Texas state.

STAAR test measures students’ actual progress in school and provides teachers and parents with actionable data for improving academic performance in various subjects.

The test focuses on grade-specific skills and does not compare students with each other to estimate individual progress.

Texas STAAR test is conducted both online and on paper. Students can take this test multiple times in a year according to their convenience and preference.

STAAR Test for Grades 3-8

Students in grades 3-8 are required to take at least two STAAR tests in every academic year. This test level varies according to a student’s current academic level and skill level.

STAAR Test for Grades 9-12

High school students are required to clear 5-7 subject-specific STAAR tests. The number varies according to the school district.

The high school level tests are known as EOC – End of Course Exams and are compulsory to earn a high-school diploma. EOCs can be taken all through grades 9-12.

STAAR Subjects








Social Science

STAAR Test Dates

STAAR Test Dates for the academic year 2023-2024 start from December 2023 and go on till June 2024. For more detailed information, click here.

STAAR Test Prep Online

STAAR Tutoring

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STAAR Test – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can take the STAAR Test?

STAAR test is for all public-school students in grades 3-12 in Texas state.  This testing program is based on state curriculum standards in core subjects such as Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.

2. When can I take the STAAR test?

Star test can be taken 2-4 times and in an academic year. For grades 3-8 the test is taken in the Spring. There are also end-of-course assessments that can be taken throughout the year.

3. Is STAAR test conducted online?

STAAR test is offered both online and in paper format. Students can choose an option according to their convenience and availability of the test centers.

4. Where can I get more information about STAAR?

You can find all the information about STAAR test on Texas Assessment Website. Link here – https://www.texasassessment.gov/staar.html.

5. Is STAAR test special needs friendly?

Yes, there is a committee known as ARD committee that makes decisions related to special needs and offers accommodations on per case basis.

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