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Online Physics Summer Course for Grades 8-12

Pump Up Your Physics Learning – Anytime, from Anywhere

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COVID-19 pandemic has shut down schools across the globe. As a result, millions of students are studying online and struggling to cope with the new style of learning.
The sudden shift from schools to Internet has created severe learning gaps across all age groups. Learning loss caused by COVID-19 school closures has been termed COVID Slide and it is getting severe with time.

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Summer Slide + Covid Slide – Glaring Learning Gaps

Every year, students experience immense learning loss during the summer breaks. This phenomenon is known as a Summer Slide. This year, the learning loss is going to be exponential because of the Summer Slide + COVID Slide.

This summer, help your child make up for the lost time with the help of a summer course. The physics summer course at eTutorWorld has been created by experienced educators who understand the importance of overcoming learning gaps for academic progress.

Physics Summer Course – The Enrichment Program

Physics Summer Course is a specialized summer course for children looking to brush up on their physics lessons or to study future topics in the summer break. This course is aimed at filling the learning gaps and helping students avoid a summer slide.

Our physics summer course is taught by experienced physics tutors. They come with extra ordinary credentials and know how to simplify the complex topics of the subject. Every session is interactive and is taught using the latest online teaching tools.

We start the course with a diagnostic test and end every session with fund and personalized worksheets. The lesson plan itself it customized according to every student’s learning abilities and requirements. At eTutorWorld, you can also learn multiple subjects using a simple subscription. Just ask us and well tell how we customize your Physics summer program for optimum learning.

Media Engagement

The Physics Summer Course has well-balanced sessions that have been designed according to the common core pedagogy along with media engagement and appropriate activities and practice resources.

Diagnostic Assessment

We start all our courses with a diagnostic assessment. It is conducted to understand a child’s learning abilities and existing learning gaps (if any). We then modify the lesson plan and timeline accordingly to accommodate all the learning needs and to fill in all the gaps before the summer break ends.

8 Weeks of Immersive Learning

Physics Summer Course is an 8-week enrichment course that has 20 engaging sessions of one-hour each. In this timeline, our tutors cover key physics topics such as Force, Energy, Waves, Nuclear Energy, etc. The last week – the 8th week is for practice and evaluation.

Here is a suggested schedule for the Physics Summer Program. It may be different for you, depending on your availability, ability and progress.


Diagnostic Test & Evaluation


  • Motion,inertia
  • Scalar & vector Quantities
  • Motion Graphs



  • Types of Forces in Nature
  • Newtons Law of Motion
  • Electromagnetic Forces


Electricity & Magnetism

  • Electric circuits
  • Electromagnetic Induction



  • Matter & energy
  • conservation of energy
  • Work energy & Power


Nature of Energy

  • Transformation of energy
  • Heat & Temperature
  • Heat Transfer



  • Waves Characteristics
  • Electromagnetic waves
  • Waves Propagation


Nuclear Energy

  • Nuclear reaction
  • Mass and energy Conservation


  • Review/Practice
  • Evaluation

End-of-Course Test




10 Tutoring Sessions Pack

Topics of your choice in a subject

Personalized live online tutoring

3 months validity

You can purchase a learning pack now and learn later at a convenient time. Sessions expiry starts from the date of first session.




20 Tutoring Sessions Pack

Full coverage of any selected subject

Personalized live online tutoring

4 months validity

You can purchase a learning pack now and learn later at a convenient time. Sessions expiry starts from the date of first session.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When should I register my child for the Physics summer course with eTutorWorld?

You should register your child for the physics summer course at the beginning of the summer break or near the end of the current school session. eTutorWorld’s summer courses have been designed to provide a summer study schedule and to ensure your child has a productive break. Our Physics course will cover all the learning gaps and prepare for the upcoming school session.

2. How can eTutorWorld customize the Physics course for my child?

At eTutorWorld, we work with the understanding that every child has a different learning pace. We know that one child may take three sessions to understand a concept while another may understand it in just one session. So, should we be deciding the timelines? No. We let the child decide the timeline and invite parents to help us create an efficient lesson plan.

3. What topics does this course cover? Will it build on the previous levels?

eTutorWorld’s Physics summer course covers the following topics: Force, Electricity and Magnetism, Energy, Nature of Energy, Waves and Nuclear Energy. Yes, the course builds on the previous levels. Therefore, all the doubts from the previous levels will be cleared before the child is introduced to a new concept.

4. What tools and methods will the tutors use to teach? How will the tutor simplify the complicated topics?

Our tutors use the Learning by Design teaching methodology, which lets students dictate the lesson plan. They use all the modern tools and methods to create an immersive classroom experience. eTutorWorld’s tutors are training in online teaching methods and know how to breakdown and simplify concepts for better understanding.

5. Does the course have a flexible timeline?

Although we have created a course schedule with estimated timelines, we are open to the changes in the timeline according to a child’s learning requirement. All the timeline changes are made after the diagnostic assessment and in collaboration with the parents.

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