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Online Tutoring for Grade 6

Overcome the challenge of having your children get ahead by having them access 6th Grade tutoring online. No more chaperoning your child to a tutoring center or letting a stranger come into your house. Instead, have your student learn from the safety and comfort of your home and get personalized attention without giving up other activities.

eTutorWorld’s 6th grade online tutor for math, science and English can mentor your child and help them complete projects, assignments and home tasks. After every session with an expert Grade 6 tutor, a practice worksheet based on the concepts learned during the session is sent. This eventually will enable your student master all aspects of the school curriculum and get ahead at school and beyond.

Personalized lessons with an online expert math tutor for 6th grade help your child go beyond basic math skills. They will now be introduced to prime factors, absolute values and complex algebraic equations. Students access online help from a 6th Grade math tutor over interactive audio sessions. Eventually finding the right solution to even the most challenging algebra problem is a breeze.

Grade 6 tutoring also helps students look at various applications of Physical and Life sciences and help understand the inherent facts about the solar system, environment, heat & electricity, plants and human body. Expert eTutorWorld tutors also expose them to the new world of electromagnetism and technology, the driving force of human civilization in modern age.

Online Tutoring Plan for 6th grade





3 Easy Steps to learn with an Online Live Expert Tutor

Online Test prep Tutoring
Online Tutoring Sessions

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6th Grade Math Online Tutoring Program

  1. Use of place value & estimation
  2. Introduction to Roman numerals
  3. Exponents and square roots
  4. Variables and expressions
  5. Patterns and sequencing
  6. Order of operations
  7. Applications of Fractions and Decimals
  8. Lowest Common Multiple (LCM), Least Common Denominator (LCD) and Greatest Common Factor (GCD)
  9. Inductive and Deductive Reasoning
  10. Creation, analysis and interpretation of graphs
  11. Standards of measurements and conversion
  12. Ratio, Proportions and Percentage
  13. Basic geometrical shapes and their calculations
  14. Applications of Probability

6th Grade Science Online Tutoring Program

  1. Science Processes
  2. Science and Technology
  3. Earth Science
  4. Physical Science
  5. Life Science

6th Grade English Online Tutoring Program

  1. Improve Vocabulary skills
  2. Learn the techniques of summarization, prediction, visualization and clarification with the help of articles, non fictions, fiction and fables
  3. Perfect comprehension of different forms of texts
  4. Improve their grammatical skills and correct usage of punctuation
  5. Become proficient in reading and writing
  6. Understand the rules of spelling
  7. Be introduced to different genres of literature

Online Tutoring Pricing

Expert 1-on-1 Personal Tutoring, Now Affordable to All.

Every online tutoring session has 50 to 55 minutes of teaching time.

No credit card required. No obligation to purchase

Test Prep Help

If you think that your child is gifted and needs to advance a grade or two then look no further than eTutorWorld! We will assess her talents and nudge her gently towards her goal. The student will work with a qualified teacher to ace the test without feeling stressed. 6th grade tutoring online at eTutorWorld can prepare students for the following tests by improving their test taking skills as required.


The expert tutor preps the student for taking SCAT Advanced level test and help qualify for a Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth program.


6th Graders get all the help required for getting high scores in the Middle level test. This allows them to gain admission to any of the prestigious schools across USA & Canada.


Students get admitted to the public or independent school of their choice by acing the lower level test after following a Test Prep designed by expert tutors of eTutorWorld


It was my first experience with an online tutor for my child. During this pandemic it was basically the only way to go. I made the best choice when I choose etutorworld. The tutor was awesome and patient with her and he provided her with ways to study. I will recommend etutorworld to anyone that is seeking to adhere to social distancing and even for future studies. GREAT JOB!!

Aleksey Gaziev

Very good structure and flow of the sessions, materials used are also good – overall very positive experience.

Veronica S Lennon

Excellent quality and service from both an academic and as admin point of view!

Shaivi Shah

Kind, well qualified and very responsible teacher. Would like to try other subjects and want to have my second child tutored. Great value, too.

Leah Dixon

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I meet the tutor before paying for an online tutoring session?

Yes! Simply schedule a free session and meet an expert tutor online. There’s no obligation to purchase or provide your credit card details. Make a purchase only when convinced about our niche tutoring services.

Will online tutoring be convenient for my child?

Your child need not step out of home for being tutored. She will be able to learn via Live interactive sessions with an expert tutor who has been trained to teach 6th graders. eTutorWorld is COPPA compliant and committed to the safety of all students.

How do I know that my child is improving?

Each student of eTutorWorld is provided with a free practice worksheet at the end of each session that will help you to understand what is being taught by the expert tutor & mentor. You are welcome to access session recordings for up to a month from session date. And most of all, please do not hesitate to call/email us asking for your student’s comprehensive progress report at any stage of your child’s learning course.

Is personalized online tutoring more effective than conventional face to face interaction between a student and tutor?

Learning in a virtual environment is as effective as conventional tutoring. eTutorWorld tutoring sessions come with additional benefits  of flexibility, convenience of learning from home and being able to learn from past mistakes by assessing session recordings.

Do I have to buy any equipment for getting access?

The student needs a desktop, laptop or Tab and Internet connectivity to login and learn. There are no hidden costs.

Does eTutorWorld’s tutoring come with a guarantee of high scores?

The primary reason for being unable to achieve one’s goals is lack of motivation. eTutorWorld provides students with every opportunity to learn meticulously and ace their tests. Students are provided with free practice worksheets at the end of each session that helps them to remain prepared. 


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