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Online AP English Literature and Composition Tutoring

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About AP English Literature and Composition

AP English Literature and Composition is an introductory college-level course focused on literary analysis. Throughout the course, students delve into the literature by reading and analyzing texts. They explore various literary elements, such as character, setting, structure, perspective, figurative language, and more, within the context of literary works. 

Students learn to understand and evaluate works of fiction, poetry, and drama from different time periods and cultures. Students develop their ability to explain and support their analysis of these texts by reading literary works and writing essays. This course provides a comprehensive foundation for students to engage with literature and develop critical, analytical, and writing skills.

AP English Literature and Composition Exam Date

Exam Date of AP English Literature and Composition is as given below:

AP English Literature and Composition Exam Format

The AP English Literature and Composition Exam has the same types of questions, scoring rules, and difficulty level every year. It helps teachers and students know what to expect on test day.

The reading passages are consistently challenging across different versions of the exam. The free-response questions are graded using specific rules called analytic rubrics, which focus on analyzing different parts of the answer.

Exam Format:

The AP English Lierature and Composition Exam encompasses two main sections, each designed to assess distinct skills crucial for effective communication in nonfiction.

SectionQuestion TypeDuration Exam Score Weightage
Section 1: Multiple Choice

55 Questions

  • 5 sets of questions with 8–13 questions per set
  • Each set is based on a passage of prose fiction, drama, or poetry
  • At least 2 passages are prose fiction (may include drama), and at least 2 are poetry
1 Hour (60 Minutes)45% of Exam Score
Section 2: Free Response

3 Free Response Questions

  • Poetry Analysis
  • Prose Fiction Analysis
  • Literary Argument
2 Hours55% of Exam Score

Section I: Multiple Choice

  • Duration: 1 Hour
  • Percentage of Exam Score: 45%


  • 55 Questions
  • 5 sets of questions with 8–13 questions per set
  • Each set is based on a passage of prose fiction, drama, or poetry
  • At least 2 passages are prose fiction (may include drama), and at least 2 are poetry

Section II: Free Response

  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Percentage of Exam Score: 55%


  • 3 Questions

Students write essays responding to free-response prompts from these categories:

  • Poetry analysis: Literary analysis of a given poem
  • Prose Fiction Analysis: Literary analysis of a given passage of prose fiction (may include drama)
  • Literary Argument: Analysis of a specific concept, issue, or element in a work selected by the student. Students choose a work of fiction similar in quality to those read in their AP class(es).

How to Interpret AP English Literature and Composition Scores?

AP Scores range from 1 to 5. A score of 5 is the highest, while a score of 1 is the lowest. AP Scores above 3 are considered good.

AP ScoreGradePercentage
5Extremely Qualified14.9%
4Well Qualified27.8%
2Possibly Qualified14.4%
1No Recommendation8.4%

Source: https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/about-ap-scores/score-distributions

The course content in AP English Literature and Composition is arranged logically, based on teacher feedback and analysis of high school and college courses. The units are designed to help students gradually build their skills and knowledge, focusing on three main types of writing: fiction, poetry, and drama. This framework outlines what students must learn to get college credit or placement.

1Short Fiction ILearn reading skills to understand, interpret, and analyze short stories critically.
2Poetry  IContinue reading and exploring poetry, and learn to analyze elements in various poems.
3Longer Fiction or Drama IObserve how literary techniques unfold in longer works and analyze character development and interactions in narratives.
4Short Fiction IIDelve deeper into character roles and conflicts in fiction and explore how a narrator’s perspective influences storytelling.
5Poetry  IIStudy different poetry forms and examine how structure and figurative language create and impact meaning.
6Longer Fiction or Drama IIAnalyze how literary techniques evolve in longer works and track character changes throughout the plot.
7Short Fiction IIIExamine how fiction interacts with society and comments on the world around it.
8Poetry  IIIDevelop interpretation skills by exploring contrasts, ambiguous language, and other techniques in poetry.
9Longer Fiction or Drama IIIConsider longer narratives in the context of learned techniques and interpretations and build nuanced analyses of complex works.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to prepare for AP English Literature and Composition?

To prepare for AP English Literature and Composition, engage with various literary works such as novels, poetry, and plays, analyzing them thoroughly. Write essays focusing on literary devices, themes, and character development, and practice with AP exam formats through timed practice tests. Seek guidance from educators to enhance analytical and writing skills. 

  1. Understand the Exam Format
  2. Master Literature Skills
  3. AP Literature Tutors Help
  4. Taking Practice or Mock Tests
  5. Regularly Revision
  6. Time Management
  7. Stay Confident and Calm
  8. Taking Good Diet

2. How will AP English Literature and Composition Tutoring help me?

AP English Literature and Composition tutoring helps you improve your essay-writing skills for the exam, ultimately improving your score. Tutors guide you in using your reading material effectively to answer essay questions and teach you how to plan and write essays that fit within the time limits. With their support, you’ll enhance your writing abilities and increase your chances of achieving your desired score on the exam.

3. Is AP English Literature and Composition difficult?

AP English Literature and Composition can be challenging, but how hard it feels depends on what you enjoy and are good at—like writing essays and understanding literature. It’s ranked as the sixth easiest AP subject, but how tough it is can also depend on your teacher and how the class is set up at your school. If you love reading and analyzing books, you might find it more interesting than hard. The final AP Literature prompt can be tough because it requires you to know a lot about different books for a deep analysis. In this class, you’ll focus on understanding and analyzing literature, looking closely at things like characters and how authors write. When you write essays, you’ll mostly analyze texts to figure out their main ideas or styles.

4. What is the pricing for AP English Literature and Composition Tutoring?

The pricing for AP English Literature and Composition tutoring is affordable and reasonable. To learn more about the pricing and available options  at eTutorWorld, please click here – https://www.etutorworld.com/pricing.html

5. What is AP late testing?

AP Late testing is when you cannot take your AP exam on the prescribed date for some reason and would like to attempt it at a later time. It gives the students a second chance to take an AP exam. Get more clarity on AP Late Testing here: https://www.etutorworld.com/blog/ap-exams-what-is-late-testing/

6. How to get 4+ scores in AP English Literature and Composition test?

Some Colleges accept only students who get a 4+ score on AP tests. Scoring 4+ needs good preparation, knowing concepts clearly, and having good practice which can be provided by Expert AP Tutors. At eTutorWorld, you can find the Best AP Tutors who can help you in scoring 4+ scores. You can take a Free Session with our AP English Literature and Composition Tutors.


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