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Learning by Design

We at eTutorWorld know that as a parent, you want the best for your child in every walk of life, starting with education. Giving your child the foundation they need to climb every step of the success ladder is of utmost importance to you. But sometimes, you do need that something extra when it comes to academics.

Personal tutoring has been an advantage in a student’s learning years to give them an edge in their schooling. Research has proven that tutoring not just cements school learning, but also influences a stronger learning curve, better applicability and superior confidence. We at eTutorWorld give you that advantage of a personal tutor for your child, at a fraction of the cost, all inside the comfort of your home.


At eTutorWorld, we take every student’s academics seriously – which is why our Learning by Design™ methodology has benefited thousands of students over the years. What differentiates eTutorWorld from the rest is this very methodology, one that has taken several key parameters into consideration in order to offer our students the very best of online tutoring.

When it comes to e-learning, the key component to successful tutoring is communication. Our scheduling system allows for careful decision-making in terms of time and student suitability, with our tutors available in a variety of time slots entirely designed around each student’s individual pace. What’s more, once each student develops a rapport with a tutor, our programs allow for ongoing student-tutor matching for an optimal 1-to-1 personalized learning experience. All this, and more, from the comfort and safety of home!

Added to the student-tutor matching, each student goes through the eTutorWorld Diagnostic test that is part of the first free lesson: a tool that gauges every student’s individual competence levels, as well as ascertaining areas that might need improvement, equipping our teachers with the information they need to tailor each personalized learning experience to deliver truly customized attention.

Not just convenience, but there are also several layers of customizability even in our products and pricing! Several factors influence our products package: the academic calendar, timely intervention during tests and other like periods of priority, summer specials, back to school prep, lesson packages, and test packages – the works. You can see why both students and parents love eTutorWorld!

Here is the eTutorWorld’s suite of online education solutions in a nutshell:

  • Grade Tutoring, from Grade 3 to Grade 12, offering grade-level learning
  • Subject Tutoring in Math, Science, English and STEM-specific courses, offering specialized focus on subjects
  • Test Prep Tutoring for SSAT, SCAT, AP, ISEE, SAT, and CAHSEE
  • Online Practice Tests and Worksheets
  • Free Downloadable, Printable Worksheets
  • Individualized, Customizable Learning Programs
  • Cost-effective Learning Packages for Sustained Focus

Our Expert Tutors have hundreds of hours of tutoring experience, and have gone through a thorough vetting process and stringent certification. They go on to become mentors and remain committed to students’ progress and development. What’s more, each learning session is recorded to enable to a student to revisit every hour to make it easy for reference and recollection.

All a student needs is a laptop/PC or a tablet, and to take the Diagnostic Test to figure out what package/product works best.

So don’t hesitate –sign up for your free lesson today, and get the distinct eTutorWorld learning advantage: our tutors are waiting to connect with you to take your academics to the next level!

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