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Mathcounts or MATHCOUNTS is a middle school mathematics competition (Grades 6-8) that is conducted at the national level in the US. This competition tests students’ skills in geometry, counting, probability, number theory, and algebra.

High-ranking students in the MATHCOUNTS test receive scholarships from several universities. They may also receive scholarships from sponsors such as Texas Instruments, General Motors, and Lockheed Martin.

MATHCOUNTS SCORES – Individual and Team Scores

Students participating in MATHCOUNTS receive individual and team scores. The individual scores are counted by adding the Sprint Round Score to the twice of Target Round Score. The team score is calculated by adding individual team scores and two times the number of questions answered correctly in the team round. A perfect individual score is 46 and a perfect team score is 66.


MATHCOUNTS has 4 rounds that are conducted on state and national levels. The rounds are called:

Sprint Round

Target Round

Team Round

Countdown Round

Some states conduct extra rounds for final assessments, they are known as The Masters Round and the Ciphering Round.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can students use a calculator in the MATHCOUNTS test?

Calculators are allowed in the Target and Team rounds. However, they are permitted in the Spring and Countdown rounds. Students are permitted to use any type of calculator but the instrument cannot have a QWERTY keypad.

2. How to register for MATHCOUNTS?

Schools register students for MATHCOUNTS. Students in grades 6-8 are eligible to participate and should be full-time students of public, private, charter, virtual, or home schools in the US. All the registrations and payments are done on the official MATHCOUNTS website – www.mathcounts.org. Every school can register 1-12 students for the competition.

3. What to do if your child’s school is not registered for MATHCOUNTS?

Parents can approach the school to register for the MATHCOUNTS program. If the school is not inclined to do so, parents can register their ward as an NSC – Non-School Competitor.

4. What are the key updates for 2021-22 MATHCOUNTS?

There have been some changes in the test format keeping in mind the safety and convenience of students and organizers. They are:

  1. The test will be conducted in 4 levels – School, Chapter, State, and National.
  2. The chapter level competitions will be conducted online while the State and National levels will be conducted in person.


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