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eTutorWorld was on a list of 15 best tutoring sites. What prompted me to try it for my son was that the tutors are called mentors and the prices were reasonable. Soon as I clicked onto the site were were able to schedule a “free” trial right away, within a couple of hours. It was great for my son to be able to communicate with someone live and not just on a chat.

The mentor was very patient, clear and calm. Not intimidating and encouraging which gave him some confidence. It was nice not to feel rushed, after all it is a free session. The pleasant surprise was the observer who from what I understand listened to the call and was very open to our feedback. She made sure we were satisfied by asking my son if he needed further help even after the scheduled time. No need for a sales pitch as the product spoke for itself. We look forward to more sessions!

– Alex Cordoba 

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