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Homeschooling Made Easy

We partner with parents to provide the targeted instruction your child needs to build confidence and achieve their academic goals

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eTutorWorld’s highly customizable programs provide just the right amount of support. Whether you need an instructor for a group of students and multiple courses, or want to take advantage of our world-class 1:1 tutoring to reinforce what you are learning independently, our subject matter expert tutors can work with individuals or groups of students to create a rewarding learning experience that’s convenient, affordable, and effective. Our easy-to-use student portal keeps track of attendance, topics covered, student progress, and more.

Individualized learning for individual students

eTutorWorld offers what each student needs. As each child learns in their own way and is at their own unique place in their academic journey, we collaborate with parents and assess the needs of each student, to ensure a personalized K-12 online tutoring curriculum is developed just for them. At eTutorWorld, you can find a tutor with the expertise and experience required for subject tutoring for math, science and English, with ease!

Part of a first free lesson is our Learning by Design™ assessment that pinpoints your child’s competencies, identifies areas for improvement, and equips our experienced tutors to develop a personalized tutoring roadmap for your child’s success.
As professional educators and parents ourselves, we know you need top online tutoring services to give your child the advantage of a personalized learning experience, that too from the comfort and safety of your home.

Each of our expert tutors has more than 400 hours of experience and training. They have gone through a thorough vetting process and stringent certification. They aren’t just tutors, but are also mentors committed to your child’s progress and development. Our handpicked, deeply experienced tutoring staff is thoughtfully matched with each student for an optimal one-to-one learning experience.

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eTutorWorld subject matter expert tutors are prepared to instruct students in K-12 Math, Science, and English. We will customize a program for your child or group of students. To request a teacher, or to learn more, call us at +1-269-763-4602 or complete this form: