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SSAT Practice Test Full Length and SSAT Worksheets

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Studying in a good school is important for the bright future of a student and scoring well in the SSAT Test is often the first hurdle in getting admission to a good school.

eTutorWorld offers Free and Premium Online SSAT Worksheets, timed Full Length SSAT Practice Test similar to the actual SSAT Test, and Personal Online Tutoring for SSAT Test Prep.  They are offered at all levels, SSAT Elementary Level (3 & 4), SSAT Middle Level and SSAT Upper Level.

FREE SSAT Practice Worksheets & Sample Questions

SSAT Elementary (Grade 3)

SSAT Elementary (Grade 4)

SSAT Middle Level

SSAT Upper Level

What is SSAT? 

The SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test) is a necessary standardized admission test for many of the best independent schools worldwide. Over 900 private and independent schools in the United States, Canada, and worldwide consider SSAT scores for admission of students to their institutions.

Premium Online Worksheets and SSAT Practice Test

The following premium content packages are available online by Level–SSAT Elementary (Grades 3 & 4), SSAT Middle and SSAT Upper Level.

eTutorWorld’s online  Full Length Tests have been created based on the actual SSAT, while the raw scores at the end of each  SSAT Practice Test are calculated as on the actual SSAT

Three month online access is provided, student progress and performance tracking is included, in addition to online content. These Learning Packages include the Quantitative (Math), Verbal (Analogies + Synonyms) and the Reading Sections. The unscored sections of Writing and Experimental are not included in these Learning Packages.

Personalized Online Test Prep Tutoring Learning Packages

Each tutoring session for 50 to 55 minutes. Study plans and learning schedules are customized as per student’s abilities and time available for prep.

Why Practice SSAT Online?

SSAT gives students the option to take the test online or the paper-based version. Online Practice in the form of SSAT Mock Tests & Worksheets help your child to prepare for the SSAT test. Now with the SSAT being taken online by most students globally, it is getting imperative for them to practice answering questions on their computers, tablets and other hand-held devices.

Convenient & Affordable Access to Online SSAT Practice Tests & SSAT Worksheets

eTutorWorld has recognized this need and has launched the SSAT Online Practice Tests & Worksheets. Students can now practice with these online SSAT worksheets at any time, from anywhere and on any device – be it a laptop, tablet, or a mobile. This helps students to manage their SSAT Prep-Help-Plans and get that extra drill which gives them an edge over their peers in this gritting competitive world.

Highlights of Online SSAT Practice Tests

While SSAT Full Length Tests are ‘Timed’ like the actual SSAT; the topic-specific SSAT-worksheets are not timed and allow students to practice at their own pace. On completion of every SSAT worksheet & practice tests, your raw scores, corrected answers and explanations are displayed so you can accordingly plan your future learning path.


Features of eTutorWorld Online SSAT Practice Module

  • Separate packages for each SSAT level – Elementary SSAT for grades 3 & 4, Middle Level SSAT for grades 5-7, Upper Level SSAT for grades 8-11
  • Unlimited access to FREE SSAT Worksheets from anywhere, at anytime
  • Access to SSAT Premium Practice Tests right after purchase
  • Unique proprietary content modeled on the actual SSAT
  • Prepared by trained and experienced SSAT tutors
  • Based on the feedback of students who have answered the SSAT earlier
  • Covers all SSAT topics and difficulty levels
  • Format similar to the actual SSAT Test
  • Three month Online access to Premium SSAT Practice Tests
  • ‘Timed’ Full Length Tests to replicate actual SSAT test environment
  • Display of raw scores, corrected answers and explanations on completion of every SSAT test
  • 24/7 Support to answer questions and resolve issues


We at eTutorWorld know that you, as a student deserve the best be it a school or online help. Solve online SSAT practice test and worksheets.

It does not matter which grade you are in, if you are aged between 8 and 17 years, these practice worksheets help you to achieve excellent SSAT scores to be in the top percentile. It is after all a competitive world!

SSAT practice test and worksheets have been prepared for the Elementary (Grade 3 and Grade 4), Middle and Upper levels by eTutorWorld’s subject experts.

Solving these worksheets will progressively improve your skills for the Quantitative, Verbal, Writing and Reading sections. Solve these SSAT sample tests for practice, solve them to test yourself or challenge your peers to solve them; they will benefit you anyway. Spotting the right word on the Synonym or Analogy test or finding the answer to a Math problem will then come as a natural instinct. Learn new techniques to read faster and smarter to answer those tricky questions on the Reading section.

About SSAT:

The SSAT is not an achievement test. It measures a student’s verbal, quantitative, and reading skills that are developed over time, both in and out of school. It focuses on critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are essential for academic success.

The SSAT is divided into five sections: two quantitative (math), one verbal, one reading comprehension, and an unscored writing exercise. The SSAT for grades 5-11 also includes a section of experimental questions that, while unscored, is vital to the development of new tests.

For students of grades 3 through 11, SSAT practice test is available at three levels:

At eTutorWorld, expert tutors provide SSAT practice help to students. We start with making a student familiar with the content, format, timing and scoring of the SSAT. Directed SSAT practice and personal guidance during regular SSAT tutoring sessions helps a student gain confidence to score well in the test. SSAT practice test help at eTutorWorld includes solving SSAT worksheets organized into module-wise topics, regular diagnosis and feedback from SSAT tutors, as well as building up on a student’s strengths and working on the student’s areas of improvement.

SSAT Elementary Level (Grades 3 & 4) Format

SSAT practice tests

SSAT Middle Level and SSAT Upper Level Format

SSAT Worksheets,SSAT practice test

Make the most of your time and enroll for an SSAT prep program at eTutorWorld. Start today by taking a FREE SSAT online tutoring lesson – no obligation and no credit card details required to take an appointment with your tutor!

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