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According to the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights, an estimated 6% of public school students are enrolled in gifted and talented programs. That’s about 3.3 million public school students…and many more from the US private schools!

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The SCAT Test (School and College Ability Test)

One such gifted program is the John Hopkins summer program, a popular and coveted program for gifted students. The SCAT  is an online gifted test by the JH-Center for Talented Youth to identify and encourage academically gifted students.

CTY offers summer, online, and family programs to students from around the world and has nearly 30,000 program enrollments every year.

eTutorWorld has successfully prepped thousands of students for the SCAT. Online SCAT tutors understand a gifted child’s requirements and mindset according to which are planned the SCAT tutoring sessions and home tasks.

To start with we diagnose your child’s skills and knowledge, then happen the tutoring sessions, tips and tricks, and finally the SCAT full-length tests. These SCAT practice tests are simulations of the actual SCAT that give your child the confidence to qualify for the SCAT.

What’s common between Rhodes scholars, Sergey Brin, (co-founder of Google), Lady Gaga, (musician, actress), Evanna Lynch, (who portrays Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter movies) and Mark Zuckerberg, (founder of Facebook)?

They are all CTY alumni!

CogAT Test Prep Help

The CogAT Test is a great way to start your child climb the Academic Ladder

CogAT test scores are used by K-12 teachers in the United States to make student placement decisions for gifted programs. Each school or program sets up its own requirements on the CogAT percentile rankings for its gifted programs. The CogAT is also, often used by parents to understand their child’s cognitive strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles. The CogAT test is published by Riverside Insights but administered mainly by private and public schools in the US.

etutorworld helps and mentors students to do well on the CogAT. eTutorWorld’s expert test prep tutors make sure that their students acquire essential reasoning skills and familiarize them with the actual CogAT test. This, in turn, helps students know what to expect on test day and increases their confidence in taking the CogAT test.


SAT Prep Help

Getting a 1200+ score on the Scholastic Aptitude Test or the more popularly known SAT is every high school student’s dream. This is not difficult for a gifted student…but only if she knows her concepts and the SAT format. eTutorWorld’s expert SAT tutors make sure students understand concepts required to answer those challenging questions and manage their time.


ACT Prep Help

The ACT is the leading US college admissions test taken by students around the world. It assesses Math, Science and English skills that a student learns in high school. Most US colleges accept ACT scores for admissions. At eTutorWorld, expert ACT tutors help students learn and understand what to expect from the test and how to crack it.


Is it necessary to enroll a gifted child in an appropriate gifted program?

The answer is YES!

Not enrolling your gifted child in an appropriate program will result not only in losing a golden opportunity but there’s every possibility of your child getting bored and frustrated. This could eventually result in the loss of precious talent or the use of that talent in disparaging activities. Participating in a gifted education program helps academically gifted students maximize their potential and realize their dreams.

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