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PSAT Practice Test

Preparing for the PSAT test can be an overwhelming experience, but with proper practice and preparation, students can feel confident and ready on test day. One effective way to prepare is by taking PSAT practice tests, which can help students get familiar with the types of questions they will encounter and develop the necessary skills and strategies to succeed. At eTutorWorld, we offer PSAT practice tests that simulate the real exam in terms of content and PSAT length. With our online PSAT test prep, students can gain the experience and confidence they need to excel on the actual exam.

Download the PSAT Practice Test here.

PSAT Practice Tests

PSAT Practice Tests can help you get the top scores in the exam. Register today with eTutorWorld to practice with curated Full-Length PSAT Practice Tests. These tests have been designed by PSAT experts and cover all the topics while sticking to the test format. PSAT Practice Tests are now available on the website.

The Pre SAT or the more popularly known PSAT is a Standardized test that can be taken by high schoolers – especially sophomores and juniors. Among the 3 PSAT levels, the PSAT/NMSQT for juniors is the most significant one. If you are a PSAT/NMSQT high scorer, you could get monetary scholarships from National Merit, select corporations and colleges; and earn a few bonus points during the college admission process.

But, most importantly, all College board PSAT levels help you evaluate your SAT-taking skills. The format and questions on the PSATs and the SAT are similar that your PSAT scores can help you plan your SAT prep.

Solve Full-Length PSAT Practice Tests

PSAT Test Sections:

Time in minutesNumber of QuestionsTime in minutesNumber of QuestionsTime in minutesNumber of Questions
2Writing and Language304035443544
3Math No Calculator201325172517
4Math Calculator402545314531

Improve your Scores with PSAT Practice Test


Practice is the only way out when it comes to getting top scores on PSAT. PSAT Test has a similar format to SAT and can be your first firm step toward college admissions. Register today to prepare for PSAT practice tests at eTutorWorld.

You will also find the Best PSAT Tutors at eTutorWorld. Start with Free PSAT practice tests. If you like what you see you can pick a learning pack and start your prep immediately.

How does PSAT Online Tutoring Program work?

5 Steps towards a 1200+ PSAT score:



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Evaluate and share your PSAT taking skills and areas for improvement


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Create a customized PSAT Prep Online  Program and schedule live online tutoring sessions for you


Attend regular Live Online Tutoring Sessions priced from $18/hour. Solve  HW practice sheets sent by your tutor
Assess your PSAT progress continually and realign your prep plan as required


Review taught concepts with your recorded tutoring sessions and ask questions as required
Transform you into a MASTER of taught concepts and provide PSAT Test Taking Tips And Tricks


Apply taught concepts and tips to solve PSAT Practice Tests sent by eTutorWorld
Evaluate your PSAT practice tests and provide feedback to raise your PSAT scores with each PSAT mock test.

We identify student strengths & weaknesses & help them learn right.

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Start your PSAT Practice Tests with these sample questions created by Expert PSAT Tutors

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How long is the PSAT test?

PSAT Test is 2 Hours and 45 Minutes long. PSAT Math Section is 70 Minutes long, the Writing section is 35 minutes long, and Reading Section is 60 minutes.

2. How many levels are in the PSAT Test?

PSAT Test has 3 levels based on grades. PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10, and PSAT/NMSQT. PSAT8/9 is for 8th & 9th Grade Students. PSAT 10 is for 10th Grade Students. NMSQT/PSAT is the topmost level that is taken before taking the SAT Test.

3. Where can I take the PSAT Practice Test?

You can take the Full-Length PSAT Practice Tests at eTutorWorld. Our PSAT Practice Tests are designed by Expert PSAT Tutors. These Practice Tests can help you prepare for PSAT Tests and ultimately in scoring good PSAT scores.

4. How to prepare for PSAT Test?

PSAT Test is a predecessor of SAT Test and its format is mostly aligned with it. PSAT Test familiarizes you with SAT Test. You can prepare for the PSAT test with eTutorWorld. We provide you with the Best PSAT Tutors and also help with PSAT Practice Tests.

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