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PSAT 8/9 Practice Tests

PSAT 10 Practice Tests 2024

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What is the PSAT 10?

The College Board offers the PSAT 10 to 10th-grade students. It is part of the SAT suite of Assessments, which includes the PSAT 8/9, PSAT/NMSQT, and the digital SAT. It prepares students for college applications and scholarships. It is the second practice test for achieving high scores on the digital SAT. Students can appear for this test during the spring of 10th grade. 

PSAT 10 Test Date 2025

Your school chooses the date to offer the PSAT 10 test. Testing is available from March 3 to April 30, 2025.

You have to contact your school counselor to sign up for the test. 

Source: https://satsuite.collegeboard.org/psat-10/test-dates

PSAT 10 Test Overview

The PSAT 10 is similar in difficulty and subject matter to  PSAT/NMSQT. However, the major difference is that the PSAT 10 doesn’t qualify students for the National Merit Scholarship Program. The test-taking mode of PSAT 10 has changed to the digital version. Students can take the PSAT 10 test digitally through the Bluebook App.  

This test aims to prepare 10th-grade students for college readiness. Students will not receive any scholarships, and it will not affect their college application as it is a preparatory exam for the other SAT suite of assessments. The PSAT 10 Test assesses student’s Reading, Writing, and Math skills. 

PSAT 10 Sections

The PSAT 10 is divided into two sections: Reading & Writing and Math. It consists of 98 questions and lasts 2 hours and 14 minutes (134 minutes). Most of the questions are multiple-choice, but a few math questions can be answered by typing rather than selecting them. 

Section No. of QuestionsTime ( Minutes)
Reading & Writing5464

Note: Students can use the Calculator throughout the Math Test.

    4.1 Reading and Writing Section

The Reading and Writing section has 54 questions. It takes 64 minutes to complete. The total time is equally divided into 32 minutes for each module ( Reading module and Writing module). 

It consists of multiple-choice questions requiring students to read, understand, analyze, use the information in the text, and edit it to form clear ideas. 

The subjects in the passages can be literature, history/social studies, the humanities, and science. 

The questions in this section come under four broad categories:

  • Craft and structure
  • Information and ideas
  • Standard English conventions
  • Expression of ideas 

  4.2 Math Section

The Math section has 44 questions and is divided into two modules. It takes 70 minutes to complete, and the total time is equally divided into 35 minutes for each module. Students can use an acceptable calculator for this entire section. Both parts mostly consist of multiple-choice questions, but a few math questions at the end ask you to type the answers.  

This section focuses on algebra, advanced math, problem-solving and data analysis, geometry, and trigonometry. 30% of Math questions are context-based, meaning the students must apply their math skills to solve problems based on real-world scenarios.

The questions in this section come under four broad categories:

  • Algebra
  • Advanced math
  • Problem-solving and data analysis
  • Geometry and trigonometry 

PSAT 10 Scores

The total score range for PSAT 10 is 320–1520

The score range for each section ( Reading & Writing and Math) is 160–760.

A student’s ability is better shown by score ranges rather than exact points.

For recent PSAT 10 tests, the score ranges are roughly:

  • Total score: ±40 points
  • Section score: ±30 points

If a student scores 500 on the total PSAT 10 score, With a score range of ±40 points, their actual ability is likely somewhere between 460 and 540. Similarly, if they score 250 on a section of the test, the section score range of ±30 points means their true score for that section is likely between 220 and 280.

PSAT 10 Preparation Tips & Strategy

  • Understand the structure and format of the PSAT 10.
  • Get familiar with the types of questions asked in the test.
  • Prepare a study plan and test prep schedule.
  • Practice with the available online resources.
  • Prepare short notes to revise.
  • Allocate maximum time for the area that needs improvement.
  • Always stay in a calm environment while you study.
  • Consistently take practice tests and solve various worksheets.
  • Revise regularly and recollect the concepts to stay in mind.
  • Seeking Online tutoring help is the best option for personalized learning.

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1. What is the PSAT 10 Test and how to register for it?

The PSAT 10 is a practice standardized test the College Board offers for 10th-grade students. The College Board does not directly handle registration for the PSAT-10; instead, students must register through their high schools. Contact your school counselor for the registration process.

2. What to Bring On Test Day?

On test day, bring your fully charged device with the Bluebook app installed, a power cord or portable charger, a pencil or pen, and an approved calculator. Remember to have an approved photo ID.

3. What not to Bring On Test Day?

On test day, do not bring phones, smartwatches, fitness trackers, audio players, Bluetooth devices, detachable privacy screens, external keyboards for laptops, styluses for iPads, cameras, recording devices, notes, books, reference materials, compasses, rulers, protractors, headphones, earbuds, unacceptable calculators, or any weapons.

4. Can I retake the PSAT 10 Test?

Your school decides when to offer the test. 10th-grade students usually take PSAT 10 in the spring. Check with your school or testing center for specific retake policies and availability.

5. What is the duration of the PSAT 10 Test?

The PSAT 10 Test lasts 2 hours and 14 minutes, plus breaks. It includes 64 minutes for the Reading and Writing section and 70 minutes for the Math section.

6. What is a good score on the PSAT 10 Test?

A good PSAT 10 score is between 1210 and 1520, putting you in the top 10% of test takers. The average score is around 920. Your PSAT 10 score can help predict your SAT performance, as the tests are similar.

7. How does my child crack the PSAT 10 Test?

To help your child crack the PSAT 10, use practice tests to familiarize them with the format and question types. Consider tutoring for personalized guidance and targeted improvement. Utilize test prep resources to build their skills and confidence. Motivate them to revise, recall, and practice with the best materials. 

8. Can I use the Calculator during the PSAT 10 Math Test?

Yes, you can use a calculator during the PSAT 10 Math section. The testing app includes a graphing calculator, but you can also bring your own approved calculator.

9. Why should I take eTutorWorld's PSAT 10 Prep Tutoring help?

eTutorWorld’s PSAT 10 Prep Tutoring offers personalized, affordable, high-quality education with flexible and convenient scheduling. You get private tutoring, session recordings, progress tracking, interactive sessions, practice tests, and worksheets to help you excel.



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