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About eTutorWorld

Learning by Design is a teaching methodology that focuses exclusively on the individual student. Our tutors are specially trained to identify and diagnose the needs and interests of each student and plan lessons accordingly. We offer lessons at the student’s readiness level and differentiate the curriculum for each student to assure overall success in the classroom and in a specific subject area. Every student can gain from this system and experience the joy of learning online.
A. Our Learning by Design methodology and personal attention as per each student’s learning needs, our excellent tutors and reliable state of the art technology makes us different.
B. In addition to immediate homework, test and assignment help, we ensure that a student understand the fundamentals of a subject and develops confidence.
C. Our tutoring sessions are fully voice based which is a lot more interesting and effective. Most other online tutoring companies offer only chat based services.
D. Our tutoring sessions can be scheduled on the same day when needed, or in advance for the next 6 weeks; whereas most other online tutoring companies provide only on demand sessions or very limited advance scheduling.
E. Our students can select the same tutor for continuity, whereas most other online tutoring companies do not assure same tutor for all sessions.
F. For student safety and for subsequent session reviews, all sessions are recorded, and the recordings can be accessed by the student from their website login. Most other online tutoring companies do not offer this feature.
G. Our website and tutoring process complies with Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) for safety and security of the student.
H. We provide practice worksheets to be done at home to strengthen the concepts done in the sessions.
Our tutors can be based anywhere in the world. Currently most of our tutors are based in India, they are from all parts of India and across all age groups. What is common among them is their passion to help students, their willingness to learn, and their enthusiasm to teach. All our tutors have a graduate degree in the subject they teach and a degree in education. Those tutoring the high school grades have a post graduate degree in their subject. Our tutors are patient and caring about our students, have good listening skills and are willing to learn and adapt to international teaching methods. They are highly experienced teachers and certified by the US educators and school administrators. On the Home Page of www.etutorworld.net please click on the Our Tutors tab for further information on our tutors.
Tutors at eTutorWorld go through an extensive training in international standards of teaching for several weeks. Thereafter, they are interviewed and certified by our US educators and school administrators.
We have specialized tutors in Math, Science and English for each grade and test and our team is growing rapidly.
We are incorporated in the state of Michigan. Our Michigan state registration no. is 01897T

Registration & Free Trial

On the homepage, click on "Free Lesson" button. Fill the form and on the next page you can schedule a lesson
Yes! Registering with eTutorWorld is free and simple. To register, click on the ‘Free Trial’ tab on our website. Please enter your name, grade, phone number, email address, school state, time zone and the subject you wish to address.
Yes, it will be conducted in the same manner as a paid tutoring session.
Yes, you could be anywhere in the world, you can take lessons from us so long as you wish to follow the US school syllabus, you agree with the US tutoring hours mentioned on our website and you can pay in US Dollars using an approved credit card.
Students can bring in any curriculum , not necessarily US.
Please try another username, the username you entered may already be in use. Another possibility is that the username entered is too long. Please enter a username with less than 15 characters.
When you register for a free trial, your account is created automatically. You can also directly purchase lessons without scheduling a free trial by clicking on the 'Buy Now' button. In this case as well, your account is automatically created.

How Online Sessions Work

After you have registered for a free trial or purchased a learning package, and scheduled a session, then at the scheduled time, the student should be at their computer with their headset and microphone activated, and should have logged in on the eTutorWorld website with their user name and password. The tutor starts the session 5 minutes before the scheduled session time. Student should join the session by clicking the Join Session button on the website. This brings him/her into the live tutoring session.
The session is conducted using live voice interaction, live chat, the use of an interactive white board, and co-browsing of web based content. The student will have a personalized, high-quality, interesting and effective learning experience with our qualified and experienced tutor. You can schedule tutoring sessions with a tutor of your choice at dates and times convenient to you.
Online tutoring is done over the Internet from the comfort of your home. It involves no traveling either by the student or the tutor. During an online tutoring session, the student and the tutor will be able to interact with each other using voice, live chat and a shared whiteboard. The student will have a personalized, high-quality, interesting and effective learning experience with our qualified and experienced tutor. Online tutoring is less expensive and more convenient compared in comparison to face-to-face tutoring.
As we have students coming from all over the world, our tutors work round the clock, all seven days of week. If you are unable to schedule a tutoring session at your convenient date or time,
Please contact us on contact@worksheets-math.com or call +1 269 763 4602
Yes! You can tell the tutor what subject and topic you need help with, or specify this when scheduling a session, the tutor will plan your lessons accordingly. You may also ask questions during the tutoring session.
Ours is a personalized tutoring service. Only one student can be present for a single tutoring session.
Every effort is made to provide you the same tutor for a given subject for all sessions. In the event the assigned tutor is not available for a required date and time, a qualified alternate tutor will be assigned.
All our tutors are well qualified. Should there be an issue in dealing with a particular tutor, please send us a message via the “Contact Us” page. We will investigate and attempt to resolve the issue to your satisfaction, otherwise we will make the change. A change of tutor requires a 24-hour advance notice.
All scheduling is achieved through the use of the tutor’s calendar, which is available to all registered students when a Learning Package is purchased, this is the best time to schedule all the sessions to assure continuity with the same tutor. The tutor’s calendar will show his/her schedule for the next six weeks.
Yes, we record each session. The recordings are for quality control, addressing customer issues, if any, and for further reference/review by the student or parent. Your session recording can be accessed only by you, your parent or by authorized eTutorWorld personnel. Your session recordings are available for reference for a period of 30 days from date of the session
Login to the eTutorWorld website, using your username and password. On clicking “My recordings”, you will view a list of all your session recordings of the last 30 days. Play the recording you wish to review.
At the scheduled session time the tutor will start the session and the tutor will remain online for10 minutes past the scheduled time. In the event the student does not show up, the session is terminated and is charged to your account.
In the event the tutor does not start a session, the session is rescheduled at the mutual convenience of student and tutor, and the session is not charged to the student’s account.
You can schedule sessions for the next 6 weeks. When you go to the tutor’s calendar you will note it goes out for 6 weeks.

Purchase & Cancellation

After clicking on the ‘Buy Tutoring Sessions’ tab on the student’s portal, you will be lead through the payment process. For security reasons we use the PayPal system for processing credit card payments. Once the credit card information is entered and approved the payment process is complete. We do not store the credit card information.
Yes, you can also use your PayPal account to buy tutoring sessions.
Yes, it does not matter which part of the world you are in; you can pay in US Dollars using an International credit card or your own PayPal account.
eTutorWorld does not have a monthly fee, we sell Learning Packages in 5, 10 and 30 session packages. The student schedules the sessions at his/her convenience, and the duration of a Learning Package will depend on the schedule. Please click on the “Pricing & Specials” tab for pricing and more details.
Once you have bought a Learning Package, the credits will be assigned to your account. Please login using your username and password and “schedule a session”. On selecting the subject and tutor you wish to study with, that tutor’s available hours will be displayed. You may then chose a time and date that works for you from the tutor’s displayed calendar. At this point it is suggested that you schedule all sessions in your learning package. This greatly increases your opportunity to have the same tutor throughout all the sessions. Otherwise, you could schedule from session to session.
You can begin scheduling your sessions immediately when buying a ‘Learning Package’. It is suggested that you schedule all sessions in your learning package. This greatly increases your opportunity to have the same tutor throughout all the sessions. Otherwise, you could schedule from session to session.
Yes! A student can cancel or reschedule a session by logging in using her/his username and password. The session cancellation or rescheduling should be done 24 hours before the session scheduled time.
Yes, your credits will expire after the time specified on our learning packages from the date you buy your learning package. For example if you buy the Learning Package ‘New Student Special’, your credits will expire 90 days from the day you buy your Learning Package. Please click on the ‘Learning Packages’ Pricing’ tab on our home page to know more.
To add learning package you may Click on the Buy Now tab and select another learning package and use you credit card to make the purchase. You will use the same username and password.
Each session is 50 minutes, you may purchase the desired number of sessions. If a session is prematurely terminated before completion of 50 minutes, there is no credit for the unused portion of the session.
Yes! At any point of time before the expiration of your credits, you may cancel. Please mail us about the same at scheduler@worksheets-math.com and we shall credit the remaining amount to you after a deduction of 10% administrative charges. Please refer to the Terms of Service for more on cancellations.
If for any reason you are not satisfied, please contact us, and every effort will be made by eTutorWorld to correct the issue. If we cannot meet your needs and you wish to cancel your Learning Package/Sessions you may do so with a 72-hour notification. To cancel, click on the Customer Service tab and advise us you wish to cancel. All unused session remaining after the 72-hour notice will be credited to your account less a 10% administrative fee.

Academic & Content Related Queries

eTutorWorld specializes in Math, Science and English for grades 3 to 12; college grade, Prep help for Standardized tests like SCAT, SSAT, SHSAT, AP and State exit exams. We also provide Summer Courses in Math and Science and Assignment Help across all grades/subjects.
Yes! We provide homework help. In addition, we also ensure that the student understands the fundamentals of the subject.
eTutorWorld has a vast library of online content in the form of assessments, worksheets and subject and topic-wise notes and presentations. During a tutoring session, the tutor and student are able to share documents, presentations and websites.
Our tutors exactly know and follow the curriculum specified by the student’s school state education department.
We have most of the standard textbooks at our disposal. In case you are using something different, do let us know and we'll try arranging it. Our tutors exactly know and follow the curriculum specified by the student’s school state education department, and will have access to appropriate online content as well.
Yes. The student can email to the tutor, scanned copies of any study material he/she wants the tutor to refer during a tutoring session.
Yes, you may have tutoring in multiple subjects, using the same learning package. Separate tutors may be selected for each subject.
Over 135 students have chosen us for their SCAT preparation the past year alone. We are proud to report that over 90% of them have achieved their goal.
Yes! We do provide AP Calculus tutoring and soon we will introduce tutoring for other AP Courses such as Physics and Chemistry. eTutorWorld also provides help for students preparing for the Advanced Placement exam.

Technical Queries

Yes, you will only need your computer, (PC, Laptop, Mac) a minimum 256 KBPS bandwidth Internet connection and headset with microphone, a USB headset is preferred for better voice quality. If you choose to use live chat only, and no voice, the headset is not required.
In addition to your computer, a headset with microphone and an Internet connection with minimum 256 KBPS bandwidth is required. A USB headset is preferred for better voice quality. If you choose to use live chat only, and no voice, then the headset is not required.
Yes! The web conferencing software needs to be downloaded to your computer. It automatically gets downloaded when you click ‘join session” for the first time. It takes 8-10 minutes for the web conferencing software to download on your machine. This is a one-time process.
Minimum 256 KBPS bandwidth is required. Usually a standard home broadband connection is fine.
No, it is not mandatory to have a digital writing tablet during a tutoring session. However, it is recommended to have one to make the session all the more interesting, fun and more effective.
eTutorWorld uses industry standard web conferencing technology for reliability and scalability, VoIP based voice communications, SSL 128 bit encryption for secure communications, and PayPal payment gateway for credit card payments, for safety and security of your payment.
Please re-check your eTutorWorld user id and password, you would have received an email with this information when you registered for a free trial or to buy a learning package, if the problem persists, our technical support team will help you, please contact us via Live Chat or on our toll-free number, we are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Please make sure your audio equipment is working and the settings are correct.  Many problems are fixed by switching off your computer and starting it again.  If the problem persists, our technical support team will help you.  Please contact us via Live Chat or on our toll-free number, we are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Your browser is set to rejects Cookies. eTutorWorld website and web conferencing software requires Cookies to be enabled to work correctly.
Cookies are bits of information stored on your computer by websites that you access. They are used to save information between accesses to the website. Cookies have a programmable lifetime.
We use Cookies to increase security for our students. For example, if a student walks away from his/her computer without logging off, Cookies make it possible to terminate the session within a reasonable period of time so that nobody else using that computer can access the student information.
All browsers are slightly different. Typical methods include selecting Tools – Internet Options – Privacy – Advanced – Accept Cookies. You may find the exact instructions for your browser version by clicking HELP and searching for ENABLE COOKIES.
Cookies can only save information that you give to a website and can only be accessed by that website. If you’re concerned about privacy issues with Cookies, you should study the privacy policies of the sites you visit. eTutorWorld uses Cookies only to make the online experience easer and safer. If you wish, you can enable Cookies before an eTutorWorld session and disable Cookies afterwards.
If you are using the beta version of Internet Explorer 8, the blank space will appear. To avoid please do the following from Internet explorer; Click on Tools -> un check the compatibility view Ref: http://www.consumingexperience.com/2008/10/internet-explorer-8-beta-blank-pages.html
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