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SSAT Test | Secondary School Admission Test

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What is SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test)?

The SSAT is an admission test that can take your child on the path of independent school education. It is required for admission to about 900 private schools, located in US and Canada, a few of them  located around the world. Your child’s SSAT score makes up a part of an entire application.

Students in grade 3-11 can answer the SSAT. There are three SSAT levels –

  • Elementary Level G3 – For students currently in grade 3
  • Elementary Level G4 – For students currently in grade 4
  • Middle Level – For students currently in grades 5 – 7
  • Upper Level – For students currently in grades 8 – 11

Registration for 2019-20 Testing dates begins August 1, 2019

2019-20 Test Dates

October 19,2019
November 16,2019
December 14,2019*
January 4,2020*
February 8,2020*
March 7,2020*
April 25,2020*
June 13,2020

*indicates Elementary Level Standard testing date

Personalized Online SSAT Prep Tutoring & SSAT Practice Test

If you want to study in a good private school, then taking the SSAT is the first step towards it. eTutorWorld’s SSAT test prep tutoring and practice test can help you get the required SSAT scores, be it SSAT Elementary Grade 3, SSAT Elementary Grade 4, SSAT Middle Level or the SSAT Upper Level.

FREE SSAT Sample Questions

SSAT Elementary (Grade 3)

Total 27 Questions,
12 Quantitative, 10 Verbal & 5 Reading

SSAT Elementary (Grade 4)

Total 27 Questions,
12 Quantitative, 10 Verbal & 5 Reading

SSAT Middle Level

Total 27 Questions,
12 Quantitative, 10 Verbal & 5 Reading

SSAT Upper Level

Total 27 Questions,
12 Quantitative, 10 Verbal & 5 Reading

Every SSAT practice pack has a full length SSAT practice test.

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SSAT Prep Online Tutoring

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Why SSAT Tutoring for SSAT Prep?

eTutorWorld’s SSAT test prep program can increase your SSAT scores. Here’s how we do it:

Step 1: Diagnose your SSAT Math, SSAT vocabulary and reading skills.

Step 2: Customize study plans and learning schedules to your individual requirements.

Step 3: Hand hold you to augment your math/quantitative, verbal, reading and writing skills depending on your abilities and test date.

Step 4: Prepare individualized SSAT Practice test and worksheets for you. Be it an SSAT Elementary math test, a SSAT practice test Middle level or an SSAT practice test Upper Level, every concept is taught and practised to perfection.

Step 5: Tips and Tricks from expert SSAT test prep tutors to max your SSAT scores.

At eTutorWorld, expert tutors provide regular SSAT practice to students. That also includes making a student familiar with the content, format, timing and scoring of the SSAT. Directed SSAT math practice and SSAT vocabulary enhancement during regular tutoring sessions help students gain confidence & score well in the SSAT exam.

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What is the SSAT?

The SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test) is a standardized admission test for the best independent schools worldwide. Over 900 private and independent schools in the United States, Canada, and worldwide consider SSAT scores for admission of students to their institutions.

To register for the SSAT, please visit

More about the SSAT:

The SSAT is not an achievement test. It measures a student’s verbal, quantitative, and reading skills that are developed over time, both in and out of school. It focuses on critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are essential for academic success.

The SSAT is divided into five sections: two quantitative (math), one verbal, one reading comprehension, and an unscored writing exercise. The SSAT Middle and SSAT Upper levels include a section of experimental questions that is unscored but vital to the development of new tests.

For students of grades 3 through 11, SSAT practice test is available at three levels:

SSAT Practice is the key to success!

Students need to practice regularly using SSAT Quantitative worksheetsSSAT Verbal Worksheets and SSAT Reading Comprehension Worksheets. These SSAT practice test questions are prepared keeping in mind the actual SSAT format. Click here to access the worksheets.

SSAT Tests are administered in two ways:

1. The Standard administration, that is given on eight designated Saturdays during the academic year at test sites around the world.

2. The Flex administration, which is an individual or group test administered on any date other than the eight Standard dates.

For more information, visit

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