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SSAT Overview And FAQs

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1. What is SSAT?

The SSAT is an admission test that can take your child to the path of independent school education. It is required for admission to about 900 independent schools, located mostly in the US and Canada, a few of them  located around the world. The SSAT score that your child gets makes up a part of an application along with your child’s scholastic and other achievements.

Students from grade 3 can attempt the SSAT. It is conducted at three levels –

  • Elementary Level – Separate tests for Grades 3 and 4
  • Middle Level – For students currently in grades 5 – 7
  • Upper Level – For students currently in grades 8 – 11

2. What is the allotted time for SSAT?

The time allotted for the whole section is 3 hours and the following is the time format. There will be 167 questions out of which only 150 will be scored.

SectionNumber of QuestionsTime Allotted
Writing Sample125 minutes
BREAK5 minutes
Section 1 (Quantitative)2530 minutes
Section 2 (Reading)4040 minutes
BREAK10 minutes
Section 3 (Verbal)6030 minutes
Section 4 (Quantitative)2530 minutes
Section 5 (Experimental)1615 minutes
Total1673 hrs, 5 mnts

3. What is the benefit of SSAT for my child?

Having a good SSAT score will increase your child’s chances of getting admission to one of the best independent schools.

4. What is the procedure for SSAT tutoring?

Firstly, our expert SSAT  tutors assess your child’s academic proficiency by having her answer some questions from all the SSAT sections such as VerbalQuantitativeReading Comprehension and Writing. With this assessment, the tutors design a practice course for your child to improve her performance in whichever sections she needs to work on. During tutoring sessions, tutors make sure that your child makes progress towards the goal of improving her SSAT score. After every tutoring session, your child will receive homework sheets to work on which will subsequently be discussed in the next session. As your child’s SSAT date approaches, we will have her answer a series of mock tests so your child is familiarized with the time limit and management during the actual test.

5. Who tutors once my child is registered for tutoring with eTutorWorld?

Expert and experienced English tutors are involved in coaching your child through the Verbal, Reading Comprehension and Writing while skilled and talented Math tutors coach your children with the Quantitative Section.

6. How long will eTutorWorld tutor my child?

The tutoring time usually depends on the date that your child registers with us and the date of the exam. Our tutors suggest what the child needs to do by designing a practice course for your child to improve her SSAT scores. You can purchase Learning Packages on our website and schedule tutoring sessions at your convenient dates and timings.

7. What strategy does eTutorWorld adopt to lead my child to success?

The two most important things that our tutors consider in coaching are

  • Mastering techniques to answer SSAT type of questions and
  • Instilling the art of time management in answering SSAT questions. Each section is given a specific time limit and it is vital that your child finishes within the allotted time.

If she is good at managing time as well as the content, then she will be able to complete within the time limit and will also get adequate time to revise answers. Revision is essential to correct slips and typos to raise SSAT scores.

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