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Online Tutoring for 7th graders to build a strong academic foundation. Learn Math, Science, English and get Test Prep Help from anywhere, at anytime.

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7th grade subjects can be especially confusing for kids who are still getting accustomed to middle school. However, these subjects can be less overwhelming with the right tutoring and guidance.

With eTutorWorld’s live, interactive, and personalized one-to-one or group learning sessions, understanding 7th grade topics and concepts in English, math and science just got a lot more interesting!

Our dedicated, expert 7th grade tutors have widespread teaching experience to help you thrive at school. The curriculums for your 7th grade online tutoring help will be designed based on a diagnostic assessment of your skills, your learning ability, and your availability.

We provide total flexibility and allow you to even bring your own topics and concepts for which you need help. Whatever your requirements for 7th grade online tutoring, you can rest assured that our expert and experienced tutors will guide you through them all.

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Certified Online Tutors for 7th Grade

5Arithmatic & Pre Algebra
5AP Statistics & Probability

5Physical Science
5Environmental Science
5Life Science
5History & Nature of Science
5Earth & Space Science
5Science in Personal & Environmental Perspectives

5Creative Writing
5Critical Reading
5Spelling & Punctuation
5Essay Writing

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Expert 1-on-1 Personal Tutoring, Now Affordable to All.

Every online tutoring session has 50 to 55 minutes of teaching time.

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It was my first experience with an online tutor for my child. During this pandemic it was basically the only way to go. I made the best choice when I choose etutorworld. The tutor was awesome and patient with her and he provided her with ways to study. I will recommend etutorworld to anyone that is seeking to adhere to social distancing and even for future studies. GREAT JOB!!

Aleksey Gaziev

Very good structure and flow of the sessions, materials used are also good – overall very positive experience.

Veronica S Lennon

Excellent quality and service from both an academic and as admin point of view!

Shaivi Shah

Kind, well qualified and very responsible teacher. Would like to try other subjects and want to have my second child tutored. Great value, too.

Leah Dixon

Test Prep Help

If you think that your child is gifted and needs to advance a grade or two then look no further than eTutorWorld! We will assess her talents and nudge her gently towards her goal. The student will work with a qualified teacher to ace the test without feeling stressed. 7th grade tutoring online at eTutorWorld can prepare students for the following tests by improving their test taking skills as required.


7th Grade Students prep for Advanced level test that is designed for Grades 9 to 12. Let your child download free online practice test worksheets to get high scores


eTutorWorld offers quality 7th Grade tutoring online that equips her to ace SSAT middle level with ease and gain admission to the top schools across USA & Canada


Let your child understand the subjects perfectly with the help of experts. Schedule sessions for Middle level test tutoring for 7th graders to find academic success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is eTutorWorld Advantage?
eTutorWorld provides personalized online tutoring sessions for K-12 students. Each session is held in a virtual classroom that is equipped with a white board and essential tools. Students are taught by expert tutors who are friendly and open to answering questions. They also assess their student’s progress and share the session recording with parents. Free practice sheets are offered to the student at the end of each session so that there is no gap in learning.
2. Is there any specific tutoring method followed?

‘Learning by Design’ is the methodology followed by eTutorWorld. It has proved to be highly efficient with students getting personalized attention from trained tutors who also become mentors. Every student’s learning path is individually designed by academic counsellors and tutors considering the student’s requirements and abilities. The easy pace and interactive sessions make learning a fun experience with students excited to attend each session. Our students get high scores regularly proving eTutorWorld to be one of the leading tutoring resources across the world. Being COPPA compliant also makes parents of elementary and middle school students feel confident with their student’s safety during online tutoring sessions.

3. For what 7th grade subjects do you provide online tutoring help?
We provide online tutoring services and test prep help for K-12 students around the world. You can enroll your child for 7th grade math, science and English tutoring and a dedicated tutor will be assigned to help them stay on top of their academics.
4. Do you provide group tutoring sessions for 7th grade math and science?
Yes, we recently launched our Virtual Learning Pods program where kids from the same grade and school district learn together via video conferencing. Each pod contains 3-4 kids and individualized attention is provided to each student to ensure that no child is left behind. You can create your own Virtual Learning Pod with your child’s classmates, or sign up individually and we will group your child with other 7th grade students to promote peer learning.
5. How do students learn in an online setting?
eTutorWorld deploys state-of-the-art technology to deliver a seamless learning experience to students across the world. With a laptop and an internet connection, students can join virtual classrooms and interact with their tutors and other students through voice-enabled headsets and whiteboards. Tutors use whiteboards to solve 7th grade math problems and teach students, while the voice-enabled headsets allow for oral communication during tutoring sessions.

eTutorWorld is the Best Choice for K-12 Online Tutoring

eTutorWorld has been recognized among the top K-12 online tutoring services in the world, and the reasons are many. Our live, interactive, personalized and affordable tutoring services and test prep help for 7th grade have been well-received by students across the globe.

Whether you need help with your 7th grade homework, or wish to learn certain topics and concepts with in-depth analysis, we are home to expert tutors who have undergone stringent certification to guarantee progress in all your 7th grade subjects.

Our Learning by Design methodology is complimented with our use of Advanced Proven Technology to deliver seamless online tutoring services. With the guidance of our expert tutors, 7th grade subjects can soon turn into a cakewalk for you!


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