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"eTutorWorld has been there to assist my son Michael, with issues in his academics very quickly and has been very persistant in assisting him. Thank you eTutorWorld" -
Mr. Samuel

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7th Grade Online Tutoring Help

No need to worry about your 7th Grader now!  Give her the extra edge by scheduling a session for 7th grade tutoring online. Trained online grade 7 tutors guide their students without stressing them out. No more traveling required either. Let your child learn at her own pace and at a convenient time from the comfort and safety of your home.

In fact, signing up for eTutorWorld’s Grade 7 tutoring helps students further their STEM skills. Learning via a live interactive online tutoring session gives 7th Graders an opportunity to expand their vocabulary and English language skills with their writing skills becoming more sophisticated.

Students learn to solve different types of arithmetic and algebraic equations by opting for 7th grade math tutoring online. Expert tutors help them understand the complexity of each problem with the necessary steps written on an interactive white board and explained clearly by the expert math tutor. Each session is designed for the student with experienced tutors providing personalized, one-to-one attention.

eTutorWorld’s tutors also help their students extend their science knowledge that includes explanation of real life situations related to physical & life sciences and application of scientific methods.

There is no urgency to complete a lesson or homework as your child will learn at her own pace and time. Students are encouraged to ask their questions and share their requirements with their tutors.

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Personalized Online Tutoring Plan for 7th grade

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7th Grade Online Tutoring Pricing

Expert 1-on-1 Personal Tutoring, Now Affordable to All.

Every online tutoring session has 50 to 55 minutes of teaching time.

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The 7th grade math tutor of eTutorWorld teaches students to improve their skills by providing guidance on how to:

  • Add, subtract, multiply and divide negative numbers
  • Correlate a positive and a negative integer used together
  • Use equations to establish proportional relationship
  • Use different approaches for solving the same problem
  • Solve equations with multiple steps that include numbers, fractions, percentages & decimals
  • Analyze scale diagrams and use the results to solve equations
  • Use graphs to find out relationship between different types of data
  • Predict probability to draw inference

Expert English Tutors at eTutorWorld help their students to:

  • Read and understand the significance of fictions, poetry and essays written by renowned authors
  • Comprehend the text and analyze it to support the inference
  • Analyze relationships between two or more characters and / or settings
  • Understand the author’s point of view by reading the text
  • Compare the works of different authors
  • Reason clearly and write precise arguments
  • Make logical presentations based on texts
  • Use appropriate words, phrases and sentences to convey an idea effectively
  • Adopt writing in formal tone & style

Test Prep Help

If you think that your child is gifted and needs to advance a grade or two then look no further than eTutorWorld! We will assess her talents and nudge her gently towards her goal. The student will work with a qualified teacher to ace the test without feeling stressed. 7th grade tutoring online at eTutorWorld can prepare students for the following tests by improving their test taking skills as required.

SCAT 7th Grade Students prep for Advanced level test that is designed for Grades 9 to 12. Let your child download free online practice test worksheets to get high scores

SSAT eTutorWorld offers quality 7th Grade tutoring online that equips her to ace SSAT middle level with ease and gain admission to the top schools across USA & Canada

ISEE Let your child understand the subjects perfectly with the help of experts. Schedule sessions for Middle level test tutoring for 7th graders to find academic success.

Give her the eTutorWorld Advantage by scheduling a FREE TRIAL session NOW!

7th Grade Tutoring & Homework  Help

In addition, during 7th grade online tutoring sessions, students get their hands on sophisticated technology with enhanced features like audio over VoIP, shared interactive whiteboard, live chat and recorded sessions. We make sure that the students adapt themselves to the technology while learning to enhance their key skills and re-enforce learning.

At eTutorWorld, 7th Graders start developing a sense of confidence with their learning experience. Grade 7 tutoring lessons for Math, Science and English are designed so students start using their skills at an advanced level. They are expected to be more organized and disciplined in their studies, which is why each Grade 7 tutoring lesson is created and piloted with care and concern to make sure that students make progress not only on academic horizons but beyond that too. Customized 7th Grade tutoring lesson plans aid better performance in 7th grade exams and Standardized tests like the SCAT, SSAT, ISEE and the ACT. It’s a good time for students and parents to begin looking at the PSAT and SAT as possibilities in high school.

7th Grade Math Online Tutoring Program

  1. Arithmetic & Pre Algebra
  2. Algebra
  3. Geometry
  4. Statistics and Probability

7th Grade Science Online Tutoring Program

  1. Physical Science
  2. Environmental Science
  3. Life Science
  4. History and Nature of Science
  5. Earth and Space Science
  6. Science in Personal and Environmental Perspectives
  7. Chemistry

7th Grade English Online Tutoring Program

  1. Grammar
  2. Creative Writing
  3. Critical Reading
  4. Spelling and Punctuation
  5. Essay Writing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is eTutorWorld Advantage?
eTutorWorld provides personalized online tutoring sessions for K-12 students. Each session is held in a virtual classroom that is equipped with a white board and essential tools. Students are taught by expert tutors who are friendly and open to answering questions. They also assess their student’s progress and share the session recording with parents. Free practice sheets are offered to the student at the end of each session so that there is no gap in learning.
Is there any specific tutoring method followed?

‘Learning by Design’ is the methodology followed by eTutorWorld. It has proved to be highly efficient with students getting personalized attention from trained tutors who also become mentors. Every student’s learning path is individually designed by academic counsellors and tutors considering the student’s requirements and abilities. The easy pace and interactive sessions make learning a fun experience with students excited to attend each session. Our students get high scores regularly proving eTutorWorld to be one of the leading tutoring resources across the world. Being COPPA compliant also makes parents of elementary and middle school students feel confident with their student’s safety during online tutoring sessions.

Why Learn with eTutorWorld?

  • Meet your online expert tutor from the comfort and safety of your home
  • Schedule sessions at your convenient date and time
  • Access recordings of sessions for a month from session date
  • Receive a personalized practice sheet after every tutoring session
  • Call/chat us on our 24 X 7 Support (+1.269.763.4602) to resolve issues or ask questions
  • Experience the state-of-the-art technology by learning  over LIVE tutoring sessions
  • Get a 30 day Money Back Guarantee on our online tutoring services

No credit card, nor any obligation to purchase.

Schedule your FREE TRIAL  session to meet an expert LIVE  tutor & get all the help you want.

Online Tutoring and Worksheets Pricing 

Our Learning by Design methodology focuses exclusively on individual students. 

Our expert tutors are specially trained to identify and diagnose the needs and skills of each student and plan future tutoring lessons accordingly.

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