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Personalized Online Tutoring for 5th Grade

Our Expert Tutors help your Child Build Strong Foundation and Master the Concepts of Math, Science & English.

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eTutorWorld provides personalized online tutoring sessions to 5th grade students to meet their specific needs. Our highly experienced 5th grade tutors, develop structured and interactive online programs to match the pace of individual students so they can achieve expected levels of learning and also have an advantage over their peers.

Certified Online Tutors for 5th Grade

Often Grade 5 students prepare for various Standardized Tests like the SCAT (held by the Centre of Talented Youth of the John Hopkins University)SSAT and ISEE (which lets them study in independent schools of US and Canada) or even the ACT and STAAR. and STAAR. While the SCAT is an above grade test that evaluates a child’s logical reasoning, math skills and vocabulary proficiency, other tests assess a child’s writing skills too. It therefore becomes essential that the students start learning basic concepts in every subject so as to build a strong foundation for the core subjects. Also it helps students tackle the complexity of concepts with the advancement in grades.

Trained and certified Grade 5 online tutors drive hard to instill passion among students to make them more independent and imaginative by being more creative. As a child reaches Grade 6, one is expected to act more responsibly. The students start connecting all the pieces of information together that they have been learning so far during their elementary years and apply the learned knowledge in their everyday lives. Grade 5 online tutoring helps students develop challenging skills like reading by adding an element of fluency in it, creative writing with a touch of fine details, exploring and evaluating scientific experiments, and understanding the different nuances of math that make it such an important and vital subject in a student’s life.

Why eTutorWorld ?

  • Learn at any time and from anywhere through unique personal lesson plans
  • Experience the extensive use of online resources and state-of-the-art technology
  • Enjoy one-on-one live personalized coaching
  • Navigate your homework with ease and learn advanced topics

Find out how eTutorWorld can help you improve your Grades.

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5th Grade Math Online Tutoring Program


Operations and Algebraic Thinking


Measurement and Data


Number and Operations – Fractions


Number and Operations in Base Ten




Ratios and Proportional Relationships

Sample Math Tutoring Session

5th Grade Science Online Tutoring Program


Physical Science


Life Science


Investigation & Experimentation

Sample Science Tutoring Session

5th Grade English Online Tutoring Program


English Grammar


Creative Writing


Essay Writing


Critical Reading & Comprehension


Spelling and Punctuation

Sample English Tutoring Session

5th Grade Tutoring Subjects at eTutorWorld

At eTutorWorld, students can start to learn smartly by using the web conferencing software, Zoom. It has tools like a shared interactive whiteboard, live chat and audio, ability to share documents, homework and assignments, that make learning easy, effective and interesting. At the same time your 5th grader can use this technology to help and prepare for various tests like SCAT, SSAT, ACT, STAAR etc.

Grade 5 tutors make their best efforts to expand the students’ knowledge in every subject. Every child gets a chance to use their skills that they have been acquiring so far to further their knowledge and abilities to ace their Grade 5 exams and tests.

Enjoy the privileges of 5th Grade Online Tutoring and realize the difference:

  • Scheduling sessions at your convenient dates and timings
  • One-on-one tutoring sessions and interaction with a live tutor
  • Tutor continuity across Grade 5 tutoring sessions
  • A fun worksheet after every tutoring session to internalize and assess learned concepts.
  • 5th grade content adapted for easy comprehension
  • Instilling ability to solve problems and answer questions instantly
  • Teach critical thinking skills to solve a variety of problems
  • Follow up programs for regular assessment and ongoing progress

5th grade is an important step in the academic journey of your child. Children need extra special care to understand the core elements of their subjects and hence heighten their level of ability. And with the right guidance by our tutors the same can be achieved quiet easily. Online tutoring helps 5th graders to get-up-and-go.

Our Learning by Design methodology focuses exclusively on the individual student. Our tutors are specially trained to identify and diagnose the needs and interests of each student and plan lessons accordingly.

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