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Chemistry Summer Program

Chemistry Summer Course 2023

Online Chemistry Summer School Course for High School Students – just connect to start!

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Chemistry Summer School Course 2023

eTutorWorld is offering an 8-week Online Chemistry Summer School Course in 2023 for high-school students to boost their learning. This Summer camp not only builds up chemistry skills but also fills in the academic gap during summer break. It provides personalized tutoring, interactive sessions, and live classes that make it the Best Chemistry Summer Camp for high schoolers.

Quick Summary of the Chemistry Summer School Course:

  • Batch Size: Personalized Individual Live Tutoring
  • Program Start Date: New programs for all grades and subjects start every day from 1st May, and go all the way until the end of August
  • Booking Start Date: 21st March 2023
  • Duration: 8 to 10 weeks
  • Session Delivery: Online through Zoom. Assignments, Worksheets, and Study Materials are accessible through your student dashboard
  • Session Schedule: Flexible Scheduling to suit your needs, with the ability to Reschedule on the go. Typically, students opt for 6 pm and later
  • Number of Hours: 10 hour and 20 hour packs available. For different-sized packs, chat with our support team at
  • Program Fees: Starts at $299 for 10 Tutoring Sessions
  • Certificate of Completion

Do you know an average student loses 20–35% of the previous year’s learning gains during summer break? To help you avoid the loss, eTutorWorld is starting an 8-week Online Chemistry Summer Course 2023 for high-school students. It is aimed to enhance their Chemistry knowledge during the break. Know more about our all Summer Courses.

This Summer Program brings with it personalized tutoring, interactive sessions, & live classes. So, boost your chemistry scores by joining our chemistry summer camp. This Chemistry Summer Course is offered by our professional chemistry tutors. Schedule your free session now.

The summer break wreaks havoc on the study schedule of children across all age groups. Amidst waking up late, visiting new places, and meeting family, study often takes up a back seat. As a result, when children return to school, they struggle to remember a lot of crucial information like important formulas, language basics, and more. This phenomenon is commonly known as Summer Slide or Summer learning loss. You can avoid summer learning loss without losing summer fun.

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Summer Slide and Covid Slide

The learning loss percentages caused by the summer slide are already disastrous. This year, these numbers may get even worse because of the COVID-19 slide (learning loss caused by school closures due to the pandemic).

However, a summer course with eTutorWorld can help your child overcome the learning gaps caused by the absence of school. This course has been created by experienced educators who understand the impact of summer slide on a child’s academic progress.

Chemistry Summer Course – The Enrichment Program

The chemistry summer course is for students looking to learn the concepts of the subject in their summer break. They can use this course to clarify their doubts regarding topics taught in the previous grade or they can purely use this 8-week course to reinforce their knowledge and prepare for the upcoming grade.

At eTutorWorld, we follow the Learning by Design teaching methodology to ensure that every child’s learning is exact and complete. We start the course with a diagnostic test. Its result helps us to create a customized plan for the students according to their learning capabilities, interests, and areas of improvement.

With every session, our tutors endeavor to break down concepts and enhance the knowledge of Chemistry subjects during the summer break. The lessons are complemented with fun and personalized worksheets. We end the summer program with an end-of-course assessment that helps us understand the progress made through the course.

Media Engagement

At eTutorWorld, tutors efficiently use media and age-appropriate activities to impart the lessons. You will find the use of media in all the resources and even the practice tests and home works.

Diagnostic Assessment

At eTutorWorld, we start our courses with an assessment test that checks the skills and abilities of the student. We create a detailed report for this test and share it with parents to clearly understand and then discuss the learning gaps and topics that require special attention required during the summer course.

8 Weeks of Enrichment

Chemistry summer course at eTutorWorld is an 8-week enrichment course that covers all the crucial topics of the subject in 20, one-hour sessions. In this course, our experienced tutors will cover key topics and in the last week of the course, they will review the students through topic-wise and overall assessments.

The below schedule for the Chemistry Summer Program is just a suggestion. It may be different for you, depending on your availability, ability, and progress.
Week 1 Diagnostic Assessment & Evaluation
  • Atomic structure
  • Quantum numbers
  • Energy level diagrams
  • Rules for filling of orbital’s in an atom
  • Electronic configuration of atom.
  • Week 2
  • Periodic Table
  • Classification of elements
  • Division of periodic table
  • Atomic & ionic radius, Ionization enthalpy, Electron gain enthalpy, Electronegativity, Valence, and periodic trends
  • Week 3
  • Chemical bonding
  • Electrovalent and covalent bonding
  • Intermolecular forces.
  • Week 4
  • Ions- Mono atomic and polyatomic ions and their charges
  • Naming Mono and polyatomic ions
  • Writing and naming compounds
  • Chemical equations and Balancing of equations
  • Week 5
  • Atomic mass, Molecular mass
  • Concept of moles, atomic and molecular mass, Avogadro’s number and their conversions
  • Moles and volume
  • Percentage composition
  • Empirical and molecular formula
  • Week 6
  • Types of reactions
  • Introduction to stoichiometry
  • Concept of limiting reagents and excess reagents
  • Problems on stoichiometry
  • Week 7
  • Acids and bases
  • Arrhenius theory, Bronsted –Lowry concept, Lewis acids and bases
  • Naming acids
  • Concept of hydronium ions and pH
  • Week 8
  • Review and End of course test




    20 Tutoring Sessions Pack

    Full coverage of any selected subject

    Personalized live online tutoring

    4 months validity

    Purchase a learning pack now and schedule at your convenience. Package validity from the date of first session.




    10 Tutoring Sessions Pack

    Topics of your choice in a subject

    Personalized live online tutoring

    3 months validity

    Purchase a learning pack now and schedule at your convenience. Package validity from the date of first session.




    300+ questions

    12 months validity

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. When should I register my child for the Chemistry Summer Course with eTutorWorld?
    You should register your child for the Chemistry summer course during the summer break. This course is meant to help students of grades 8-12 re-attempt difficult topics in Chemistry and get comfortable with the subject. You can enroll after the summer break starts or a few weeks before that to finish this 8-week course in time for school reopening.
    2. How can eTutorWorld customize the Chemistry course for my child?
    At eTutorWorld, we have created a course schedule that spreads the topics over 8 weeks. However, we are open to changing this schedule according to a student’s learning requirement and pace. Parents can approach our tutors with their concerns and together they can create a customized chemistry course.
    3. What topics does this course cover? Will it build on the previous levels?
    The chemistry summer course will cover several crucial topics over 8 weeks. Some of the topics on the list include Atomic Structure, Periodic Table, Chemical Bonding, Ions, Atomic Mass, Types of Reactions, Acids, and Bases, etc.

    Yes, our tutors will build all the topics over previous levels, so that your child can understand the flow and will be able to connect one topic to another.

    4. What tools and methods will the tutors use to teach? How will the tutor simplify the complicated topics?
    At eTutorWorld, our tutors are trained to use the most innovative tools for online teaching. They create an immersive online classroom experience by using the tools in sync with one another and the students are made a part of the teaching environment. We train all your tutors in online teaching methods and provide them with the best tools to make learning interactive, easy and efficient.
    5. Does the course have a flexible timeline?
    Yes, the course has a flexible timeline. We have created an estimated timeline of this course for better understanding but we might change it according to your child’s learning requirement or as requested by you. This change will be made after the diagnostic assessment, which is conducted before we start the one-on-one tutoring sessions. We provide a detailed report of this test and invite parents to sit down with us and discuss the results and future course of action. 

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