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Since 2002, due to the NCLB Act, teachers, school administrators and district superintendents are accountable for performance of students in their purview. Standardized Tests are hence being used to monitor student learning. They are administered and scored in a predetermined and standard manner. Results of standardized tests are compared across schools, districts or states to identify academic proficiency levels and identify students in need of remediation or advancement.

Along with other parameters, colleges also consider scores of Standardized tests like SATAP and the ACT for admissions. Independent schools take into account scores of SSAT and ISEE for admission of students as young as grade 3 and 4. John Hopkins University identifies talented students in elementary and middle school grades using the SCAT. Whereas, in most states, it’s mandatory for every student to pass the State Exit Exam to receive a High School Diploma.

Standardized Tests are excellent objective indicators of students’ performances. These tests determine if the skills learned by a student have achieved academic goals. Hence, it’s imperative for students to score well on Standardized tests which they can do only by careful planning, regular practice and getting assayed guidance.

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