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Thanksgiving Gifting Ideas for Your Child’s Future

The aroma of pumpkin pie wafting in the air; the delicious stuffing served with roast turkey and the wonderful gifts all abounding in the gaily decorated shops. All these smells, sounds and sights are harbingers of the much-awaited holiday, Thanksgiving. Children and...

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5 ways to make your tutoring sessions fun

With a lot of learning going around, it is hard to engage the learner and get them excited about the hard work associated with the knowledge goal. It can be challenging to keep students motivated and engaged during tutoring sessions and this leads to poor results....

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Why Online Tutoring is all about Saving

A conventional classroom has its inherent pros and cons however the experience is going through massive changes due to amazing advances in technology. Just a couple of years ago additional academic support meant either calling a tutor home or attending classes post...

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6 Reasons Why Some Students Score Better

Tests, exams, Grades, – words which consist of just a few syllables but are more than enough to strike terror in the hearts of students while causing their parents to fret. It is not just a fraction of the student population which goes through this rigmarole but in...

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How can an Online Tutor Help You Get to the Top

If you're like a lot of people - you probably think that online education isn't as good as the traditional one. While this might have been the case a few years ago - things are changing rapidly. The reality is - you can get an education online that's every bit as good...

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Is PSAT Just a Precedence to the SAT?

There have been numerous views and discussions about the significance of the PSAT and the SAT – both as individual tests and in comparison with each other. Before delving into the debate of which is more important, if any, and the whys, we need a brief understanding...

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Students need to Eat Smart to Be Smart

Eating For Optimal Academic Performance Probably almost any individual you talk to will agree that eating the right foods can be beneficial for students of all ages and can play a role in the actual academic performance students achieve. Students are given a mixed...

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Are Summer Programs Helpful or a Hype?

Many people are of the opinion that summer programs are effective, while others think that they are just a waste of time and add unnecessary burden on the child. Nevertheless, summer is still the perfect time to improve various learning skills like in Math, Science...

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Assess your STEM Skills this Summer

The desire to learn this summer can be the biggest force in boosting your career and confidence through skill-building. However, often students and parents ask ‘Where do I start?’, ‘How do I know where my learning gaps are?’   eTutorWorld’s Diagnostic Assessments are...

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Give Your Child The eTutorWorld Advantage

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