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“eTutorWorld has helped me understand Math at a deeper level.Their tutors explained difficult concepts in a way I understood and the teaching resources gave me a lot of practice.” – Spencer, Student

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Looking for an online geometry tutor? Want to get better with Math? Getting the knack of geometry or feeling lost? Baffled with geometry proofs and geometry formulas! Welcome to the world of personalized online geometry tutoring which makes learning everything from geometry basics to algebraic geometry fun.

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What Is Geometry?

Geometry is that branch of math which deals with points, lines, surfaces and solids. It may seem complex with explanations in two and three dimensions, but with appropriate online geometry help, students develop a love for the subject as they understand the nuances of geometry and build upon their geometry skills.

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Have Fun Learning Geometry

  1. Introduction to Geometry
    • Basic of Geometry
    • Units of Measurements
  2. Basic Concepts of Angle Measurement
  3. Plane Geometry
  4. Circles
  5. Solid Geometry
  6. Polygons
    • Polygons and Their Properties
    • Exterior and Interior angles of a Polygon
    • Perimeter and area of a regular n-gon, interior and exterior angles of a regular n-gon
  7. Coordinate Geometry
  1. Congruency & Similarity
    • Similar Triangles
    • Congruent Triangles
    • Angle Bisector Theorem
  2. Conic Sections
    • Properties of Ellipse
    • Properties of Parabola
    • Properties of Hyperbola
    • Identification and Graphs of parabolas, circles, ellipses, and hyperbolas
  3. Transformations
    • Translations
    • Rotations
    • Reflections
  4. Symmetry
    • Reflection Symmetry
    • Rotational Symmetry
    • Point Symmetry
  5. Right Triangles & Trigonometry
  6. Logical Reasoning
    • Logical reasoning, truth tables
    • Framing if and then statements
    • Converse inverse and contra positive of a statement

How Can a  Geometry Online Tutor Help?

Text books offer little help unlike languages, as geometry involves diagrammatic representations, descriptions of shapes and geometry angles, alphabetical references, geometry theorems and proofs. Explanation of geometry concepts plays a vital role in developing interest and concept clarity which the conventional classroom fails to provide due to paucity of time and structured lesson plans. It is for this reason that online geometry tutors are gaining popularity with more students each day.

In the search for the best online geometry tutor, students have found eTutorWorld to provide state of the art  tutoring from the comfort of your home. Over the years customized tutoring has helped thousands of students improve their geometry grades with   content created by geometry experts, one on one personalized tutoring sessions held by a well-trained geometry online tutor, who systematically schedules concept introduction and provides adequate practice  using geometry worksheets.

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eTutorWorld is a professional and well established organization that provides niche tutoring services using their well-trained geometry tutor online support team backed by subject experts spanning from plane geometry to  analytic geometry.

eTutorWorld’s online geometry tutoring will initially help you ace through simple topics like geometry definition and coordinate geometry while gradually progressing onto topics involving deeper understanding like algebraic geometry, euclidean geometry and more. With continuous practice sessions, frequent tests and deeper understanding, the students start enjoying different elements of geometry like coordinate geometry and geometry equations.

Our online geometry tutors design fun and interactive programs unlike the typical classroom activities. Our interactive sessions will help you learn quickly and better understand the concepts. We have a secure online program that gives you the opportunity to work on an interactive whiteboard, experience live voice, share documents and chat using IM.

Why learn Geometry with eTutorWorld ?

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Find out how eTutorWorld can help you improve your geometry grades.

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