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Kindergarten CogAT is for 5–6-year-old students. It qualifies them for gifted and talented programs at their school and sets the pace for the upcoming academic journey.

CogAT tests a student in 3 areas, Mathematical Abilities, Verbal Abilities and Non-Verbal Abilities. Each section has a set format and with understanding and practice, your child can ace the CogAT Kindergarten and become a part of gifted programs at school.

CogAT Test Kindergarten can help your child qualify for:


Advanced Classes


Dual Enrollment


Grade Acceleration


Differentiation of Curriculum


Varied Group Strategies

CogAT kindergarten Level 5/6

Kindergarten students take CogAT level 5 or 6 based on the time of year when the test is administered. It is an above grade test; therefore, your child will be dealing with topics and concepts from grades 1 and 2.

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CogAT Kindergarten Sample Questions

Directions: Following each problem, there are three or four suggested answers. Select the appropriate answer from the given choices.

Verbal Battery:

From pictures A, B and C select the picture that would best replace the question mark by following the same relationship between the top 2 pictures?

A (Umbrella is closed and then Open,
Book is closed and then open)

Sentence Completion:

Which animal eats grass?

A (Cow is a herbivorous animal and hence it eats grass.)

Verbal Classification:

From pictures A, B and C select the picture of the animal that is most similar to the three pictures given above.
B (All the 3 given animals live on land likewise elephant is a land animal)

Number Analogies:

From pictures A, B, and C select the picture that would best replace the question mark by following the same relationship between the top 2 pictures.

A (3 chicks + 2 chicks = 5 chicks,
4 stars + 2 stars = 6 stars)

Number Puzzle:

What should replace the ? symbol so that the number in the blue circle on the left is equal to the sum of the numbers in the yellow circles on the right?


C (Both the sides will be equivalent to 4 so, 2+2 = 4)

Number Series:

Which number rod represented by A, B and C comes next in the series in the abacus given above?

 A                 B               C


A (Forward series – 1,2,3 ,1,2,3)

Figure Matrices:

From pictures A, B and C select the picture that would best replace the question mark given above.
B (The shape is divided into half. A circle when divided into half becomes a semicircle.)

Paper Folding:

If you fold a paper along the dotted line, then cut/punch it as shown and then unfold it, what will you get?

A                         B                        C



Figure Classification:

From figures A, B, C and D, select the figure that is most like the 3 figures above.
C (All the shapes have four sides.)

Our Learning by Design™ methodology focuses exclusively on individual students. Our expert tutors are specially trained to identify and diagnose the needs and skills of each student and plan future tutoring lessons accordingly.

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