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Here’s a normal conversation between a student and a typical online Geometry tutor at eTutorWorld and then lets decide for ourselves whether Geometry is a study or can be made into a child’s play with appropriate tutoring.

G T: Geometry is Easy, isn’t it?

Student: But I find Geometry to be very challenging. It’s difficult to study and learn those theorems and proofs.

G T: OK! Let us NOT study Geometry…instead have some fun with it.

Student: You kidding me!

G T: Geometry is tricky; it’s thought-provoking and a lot of fun to play with.

Student: You must be a magician; can you put that straight for me.

G T: Here is how: Remember the first day you held a ruler and drew a straight line with it on a paper and rejoiced, and then traced a circle with a wet finger around a glass on the dining table…all of it sure was fun. Geometry is about points, lines, shapes and much more. .

Student: That is interesting. You know there was a time when I found it difficult to read the analog clock, till I learnt it, and that was fun too…like geometry, you would say!

G T: You got it! And this is how an online geometry tutor like me can progress with students like you who find studying geometry very tough. Simple day to day problems are made easy and interesting. Geometry begins with points and encompasses lines, shapes, patterns, angles…..

Student: Also figures, sizes, surfaces, planes and solids.

G T: Yes, all about space…measuring lengths, areas and volumes, perimeter, surface areas and lot more. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

Student: Yes! We learnt as we drew, a Sun is a circle, the sails of a sailboat are triangles, and a notebook is a cuboid. It was so much fun! But I kind of mess up when I deal with higher stuff. You know what I mean? And I can’t figure it out all by myself, and not many friends around me are able to help either!

G T: That is exactly when an online geometry tutor appears like a genie. He can help you on this by taking you on a step by step journey, which will turn out to be a combination of drawings and calculations as well as Arts and Math. Then you will wonder whether geometry is a study, or is it  just  child’s play!!!

Student: Now it is my chance to make geometry sound like lots of fun to work with. Let us go back to the clock….The face of a clock is a circle, and if the hour hand rests on 12, the minute hand traces 360 degrees in a circle. Isn’t that right?

G T: Wow! You are getting there really fast!

Student: You mentioned something about everyday problems; can you explain that bit too? How do we apply geometry in real life?

G T: Sure! Online geometry tutoring will take you step by step in understanding the problem, breaking it down into simple steps, introducing geometrical formulae, relating the formulae to the problem and then let you come up with a solution…Abra-ca-dabra. For example, if you need to build a fence around your garden…what length of mesh would you buy?

Student: Ahem!

G T: This is how online tutoring can help you build up your own skills:First with helping you find the shape of the garden., Let us say, a square in this case, then finding the length of just one side, making it four times, which will give you the perimeter and that turns out to be the length of the mesh we need to order!

Student: Fairly simple and interesting! But how will I get to  understand high school geometry?

G T: An high school online geometry tutor will first assess your present knowledge in geometry and then will build upon it by introducing geometrical concepts in an interesting way that learning geometry will be simple and fun. At eTutorWorld we have the best of online geometry tutors who have successfully proved to students the world over that geometry is not  a study, but  child’s play!

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