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CogAT Test Grade 4: Test Prep, Practice Tests & Sample Questions

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How Important Is CogAT For The 4th Grader?

The CogAT test helps in identifying gifted students at all Grades. CogAT scores can be used by parents as well as teachers to assess the student’s academic capabilities. Evaluation of CogAT 4th grade scores enables instructors to understand the extent of cognitive development, efficiency at learning new tasks, and problem-solving skills of the student. A number of other student programs across the United States of America use CogAT test scores as a criterion for gaining admission. Since a good amount of the test depends on non-verbal abilities, teachers also find it useful for checking the academic prowess of students who are not native English speakers.

CogAT Sample Questions

Sample Qn 2

Gun is to bullet as Chimney is to _____________


A. Ground                        B. House

C. Roof                             D. Smoke

E. Sky



Explanation: As bullet comes out from a gun, smoke comes out from chimney

Sample Qn 1

The grammy are considered the ______________ rated music show in music business.


A. Unpopular                 B. Audience

C. Highest                      D. Practically

E. Popular



Explanation : Highest is the only option that indicates how the Grammys are rated

Sample Qn 3

French, Italian, English, _________


A. Nationality                B. Greek

C. Languauge                D. Country

E. Sea



Explanation : Greek goes with the given options, both as a language as well as a nationality

Sample Qn 4

[32 → 22] [71 → 61] [28 → ?]


A. 20                                B. 16

C. 19                                 D. 22

E. 18



Explanation : Previous number is 10 more than second number

Sample Qn 5

9   18   27   36   [ ]


A. 40                               B. 45

C. 38                                D. 50

E. 52



Explanation : The correct answer is ‘45′ (multiple of ‘9’)

Sample Qn 6

12 + (5 + 3 ) = (5 + [ ] ) + 3


A. 10                               B. 12

C. 13                               D. 9

E. 11



Explanation : The number missing is ’12′

Sample Qn 7



Explanation : Correct answer is “c” as vertical line divides solid black from solid white part.

Sample Qn 8



Explanation : Correct answer is ‘C’.

Sample Qn 9

[54 → 71] [119 → 136] [22 → ?]


A. 37                               B. 28

C. 39                               D. 36

E. 40



Explanation : Add ’17’ to the previous number

Free CogAT Practice Tests and Sample Questions

Where will my child take the CogAT test?

It is possible to take the CogAT test in almost all metropolitan areas across the United States. It is conducted by multiple schools across the nation with teachers endeavouring to find the gifted students residing in the area and also understanding the academic skills of all students. Major locations for taking the test include Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Minneapolis, North Carolina, South Carolina, Seattle, San Antonio, and Washington DC. The test can be administered by any individual possessing a B.A. degree. The school teachers may try to create and design a unique learning path for academically gifted students in their classes.

What questions are asked on CogAT Test 4th Grade?

CogAT Form 7 is divided into a number of levels based on age. CogAT Level 10 is designed for 10-year-olds specifically. Almost all schools administering the CogAT test use Level 10 questions to check the academic skills of Grade 4 students.

Level 10 consists of 176 questions that are segregated into three batteries namely verbal, quantitative, and non-verbal.

cogat grade 4

Which is the best way to prepare my child for CogAT Grade 4?

CogAt Level 10 is not an easy test to take and your child may have to prepare for it. Let your child score high by taking CogAT Test Prep Help from eTutorWorld. Make sure to download the practice worksheets and ask her to solve them for practice whenever she gets time.

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