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Back to School Programs 2024

Back to School Prep Help in 2024 with Online Tutoring and Worksheets

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Are those school supplies enough to get your child School-ready?

Years of research have proven that back-to-school tutoring and enrichment programs, help students achieve enhanced math and reading skills. These skills, in turn, lead to higher academic performance when children head back to school in the fall. Supplement your back-to-school shopping with Elementary, middle, or high school tutoring and ensure that your child is truly ready for school.




20 Tutoring Sessions Pack

Full coverage of any selected subject

Personalized live online tutoring

4 months validity




10 Tutoring Sessions Pack

Topics of your choice in a subject

Personalized live online tutoring

3 months validity

Online Back to School Tutoring to prep you for the new academic year:

Get Ready, Refreshed and Renewed!

Try our individualized ‘Back to School Program’ that addresses your specific needs. On the first online tutoring session itself, your child’s subject skills are assessed. Based on this evaluation, our academic counsellor, back to school online teachers and tutor draw out a program schedule and specific learning path for your child that is followed. The back-to-school tutoring help program is interactive, customized and exciting with live online learning.

Take personalized Math, Science and English online lessons with qualified and experienced Back to School tutors.

Prepare for the SCAT, SSAT, ISEE, SAT or the PSAT with our after school tutoring services.

Attend a Risk Free demo session with a LIVE tutor.

It is affordable too!

How will eTutorWorld’s Back to School Program help you succeed?

  1. It ensures core topic competence before the academic year begins.
  2. A single subscription gives you access to multiple subjects and modules
  3. A diagnostic test allows tutors to individually tailor your learning experience.
  4. Individual strengths and areas that need improvement are assessed
  5. Get a Back to School worksheet to reinforce & refine concepts learned, after every lesson.
  6. Start any time and have a flexible schedule.
  7. Our Back to School Online Teachers and Tutors are trained to teach the US curriculum of their respective subjects.
  8. Meet our tutors from the comfort of your home or a library. Just connect a desktop, laptop or a tablet to the internet and voila you are all set to ace your academics for the coming year!