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What is the PSAT?

PSAT is a Standardized test that can be taken by high schoolers – especially sophomores and juniors.

PSAT is an acronym for Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test i.e. the Pre SAT.

While the SAT score is crucial towards a student’s admission to a US college, none of the PSAT scores are considered for college admission.

If you are in the eighth or ninth grade, the PSAT 8/9 is for you. Good news is that the PSAT8/9 is now gone digital!

If you’re a sophomore, we’ll prep you for PSAT 10

As a junior, you’ll be eligible for the PSAT/NMSQT that is held in October every year.

The PSATs assess students on the following skills and knowledge

  1. Evidence-Based Reading and Writing
    • Reading Test
    • Writing and Language Test
  2. Math

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Why is the PSAT important?

Are you one of those whoare not sure if PSAT scores matter?Well, they do matter and here is how they do…

  1. The PSAT is precedence to the SAT.The PSATis considered as a forebear to the  It gives students a feel of the super important SAT. The PSAT allows you get the much required practice and strategy planning for the SAT before you finally take the SAT. The PSAT and SAT have similar formats, in terms of sections, question types and time structure. Your PSAT score is an indicator of your readiness for SAT, hence eventually an indicator for college readiness.
  1. Not only that, the PSAT/NMSQTis a National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. National Merit Holders are not considered during the college admission process but may earn a few bonus points during the admission process. Some PSAT high scorers can get monetary scholarships from select colleges. Only U.S. citizens are considered for the scholarship.
  1. A student could be invited to apply for one of the college scholarships by saying “yes” to Student Search Service on her PSAT 10 answer sheet.

Is the PSAT like the SAT?

Very much! The only difference is the number of questions, their difficulty level and the score range. The SAT and the PSATs measure the same skills and knowledge with grade appropriate questions.

Like the SAT, there is no penalty for incorrect answers on the PSAT.

Comparing the SAT 2019 with the PSATs

Standerdised TestGradeNo. of QuestionsScore RangeTime Alloted (min)Time Of The Year
SAT11 and 12154+1 Essay400–1600 (2-8 for each of the 3 dimensions on the essay)180 + 50 (essay)August 2019-June 2020
PSAT/NMSQT10 and 11139320–1520165October 16, 2019
PSAT 1010139320–1520165February 25–March 29, 2019 April 8–26, 2019
PSAT 8/98 and 9120240–1440145September 2019 – April 2020

How do I register for the PSAT?

You need to register for the PSAT at your school. If your school does not administer the PSAT, then you could register to take the PSAT in a nearby school that administers the test. CollegeBoard does not allow students to register with them for the PSAT.

What is the format and content of the PSAT 2019?

The format and content on all the PSATs is similar to the SAT –however, it is grade and level specific. Like the SAT again, each PSAT assesses

  • What you have learned in school?
  • What you need to succeed at college?

Each PSAT comprises of these subtests:

  1. Reading tests:
  • Reading Test has multiple choice questions that are based on the given passages.
  • Some passages are paired with other passages.
  • Some passages have informational graphics, like tables, graphs, and charts, but no math is required.
  • Questions about other subjects are never asked.
  • This subtest includes Evidence-Based questions.
    1.  Writing and Language tests
    • In this sub test, students need to read, find mistakes and fix them.
    • All questions are multiple choice.
    • Questions on this test ask students to make choices in vocabulary, sentence structure, organization, tone, and factual support
    • Areas of focus are punctuation, sentence structure and graphics
      1. Math tests
      • Most questions are multiple choice questions, in which students select the correct answer option. Some questions are the grid-in questions, where students need to come up with an answer.
      • Questions are about the real world, its situations and applicationsThe Math Test is divided into two portions: The Calculator Section and the Test–No Calculator Section
      • Sometimes several questions are about a single scenario.
      • The Math questions focus on the three areas of math that play a vital role in many college majors and careers: Algebra, Data Analysis, Advanced Math (not included in PSAT 8/9) and topics of geometry and trigonometry.

      What is a good PSAT score? 

      • The PSAT/NMSQT and PSAT 10 are scored between 320 and 1520 points while the PSAT 8/9 score range is240–1440
      • As a sophomore, a score of 1370+ will put you in the 99th percentile while a junior needs a PSAT score of 1450+ to be in the 99 percentile.
      • The benchmarks for college readiness are:
      Evidence-Based Reading and WritingMath
      PSAT/NMSQT Grade 10430480
      PSAT/NMSQT Grade 11460510
      • Take your PSAT score as an indicator to how much more work you need to do well on the SAT.
      • PSAT scores essentially have two measures of your PSAT performance – the actual scores and the percentile. You can also view a question level feedback and benchmarks vis-à-vis your PSAT scores.
      • PSAT scores include the total score, Reading Test score, the Writing and Language Test score, and the Math Test score.
      • These additional detailed scores, provide students with a deeper understanding of their performance.
      • To view your scores, you’ll need to create an online account with CollegeBoard.

      You can go online, enter the PSAT section you need help with, and connect with an online tutor in minutes.

      • PSAT Math
      • PSAT Evidence based Reading and Writing (EBRW)

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