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ELA Back-to-School Course for Grades 6, 7 & 8

Enroll your child in our English Language Arts (ELA) Back-to-School Course to put their learning back on track during the summer breaks.

The course is offered by qualified tutors who are experts in the subject.

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English Language Arts Back-to-School Course

English Language Arts (ELA) Back-to-School Course is a carefully designed course that helps students of grades 6, 7, and 8 pace up their learning before the schools reopen. This course can bridge the learning gap caused during the summer break and ensures that your child returns to school fully prepared for the upcoming session.

So, whether your child is having difficulty in understanding a topic or you feel that your child should move ahead and study for the next class, you can trust the ELA middle level to do the job.

At eTutorWorld we offer a specialized ELA Back-to-School Course for Middle-Level students. This course has been designed with complete attention to students’ requirements while studying English Language Arts in middle school.

Engaging Online Sessions

This course consists of regular engaging sessions spread over a few weeks. During this duration, we offer well-balanced sessions that have been designed according to Common Code Pedagogy. All the sessions use an active blend of media engagement, age-appropriate activities, and worksheets or practice.

Diagnostic Test

The ELA Middle-Level course begins with a diagnostic test that helps us to assess your child’s learning abilities and requirements. Once we have the results, we invite you, and the parents for a discussion. The lesson plan for the back-to-school course may be modified according to your child’s learning needs.

The sun-soaked days of summer might have brought relaxation, but they can also leave subtle gaps in your child’s learning canvas. Fear not, for our Back-to-School Program bridges these gaps with precision and flair. Every concept is revisited, ensuring your child strides into the new academic year with a vibrant palette of knowledge.Whether your child is navigating the nuances of language, exploring the realms of literature, or sharpening their writing skills, our dedicated ELA Middle-Level experts are here to guide them every step of the way. Each session is more than just an educational interaction; it’s a confident stride toward mastering language arts and becoming an effective communicator.

The ELA Middle-Level Back-to-School Program is led by our team of passionate educators who understand that every child’s learning journey is unique. We adapt our approach to suit your child’s learning style, strengths, and areas needing refinement. This tailored guidance fosters a love for learning that goes beyond the classroom.

As the back-to-school season approaches, parents and students alike are presented with the opportunity to engage in enriching back-to-school programs. These programs offer a wide range of benefits that go beyond simply preparing for the academic year ahead. At eTutorWorld, we understand the significance of these programs and have curated a list of key advantages that highlight why participating in back-to-school programs can make a significant difference in a student’s educational journey.


Academic Preparedness: Back-to-school programs are designed to provide students with a head start on their upcoming coursework. These programs often offer focused review sessions on core subjects, helping students refresh their knowledge and solidify essential concepts. By engaging in academic exercises before the school year begins, students can build their confidence and feel better prepared for the challenges of the curriculum.


Improved Confidence: The boost in academic readiness gained from back-to-school programs naturally translates into increased self-confidence. When students feel well-prepared and equipped with a clear understanding of their subjects, they are more likely to actively participate in class discussions, ask questions, and take on challenging tasks with a positive attitude.


Smooth Transition: Transitions can be daunting, especially when moving up to a new grade level or school. Back-to-school programs help ease this transition by acquainting students with the academic expectations, classroom dynamics, and teaching styles they will encounter. This familiarity contributes to a smoother adjustment period, reducing potential stress and anxiety.


Strong Foundation: Back-to-school programs focus not only on immediate coursework but also on reinforcing foundational knowledge. This strong educational base acts as a springboard for more advanced topics throughout the year. A solid foundation ensures that students can grasp complex concepts with ease and apply critical thinking skills effectively.


Time Management and Study Skills: Back-to-school programs often emphasize study techniques and time management strategies. Students learn valuable skills such as effective note-taking, organization, and prioritization – tools that are essential not just for succeeding in academics, but for life beyond the classroom as well.


Interactive Learning: Many back-to-school programs incorporate interactive and hands-on learning experiences. These engaging activities can spark curiosity, foster creativity, and encourage students to explore subjects in depth. Interactive learning not only makes the educational process enjoyable but also enhances retention and understanding.


One-on-One Attention: Smaller class sizes or personalized sessions in back-to-school programs allow for more individualized attention. This enables educators to identify each student’s strengths and areas of improvement, tailoring their instruction accordingly. The personalized approach leads to a more comprehensive and effective learning experience.


Social Engagement: Back-to-school programs often provide opportunities for students to connect with peers who share similar academic interests. These interactions promote collaboration, teamwork, and the development of essential social skills. By building relationships early on, students can establish a supportive network throughout the school year.


In conclusion, participating in back-to-school programs offers a multitude of advantages that extend beyond academic performance. From enhanced confidence and preparedness to improved study skills and social engagement, these programs pave the way for a successful and enriching educational journey. At eTutorWorld, we are committed to providing comprehensive and engaging back-to-school programs that empower students to thrive both in and out of the classroom.

Choose from our two packages:

The Intensive Pack, which lasts for 4 months and contains 20 sessions at $529 and the Refresher Pack , which runs over a shorter 3-month duration and consists of 10 tutoring sessions for $299.

ELA Course Structure

Diagnostic Assessment and Evaluation

Language Arts – 3 Sessions

    • Pronouns/Pronoun-antecedent agreement/Intensive & reflexive pronouns.
    • Types of sentence structures.
    • Phrases, clauses, and modifiers.
    • Verbals /Use of verbs to effect mood and voice of a sentence.

Language Arts – 2 Sessions

    • Punctuation – Restrictive & Non Restrictive elements/ Commas/ Ellipsis.
    • Figures of speech/ Personification.
    • Connotation and Denotation of words.
    • Word Relationships/Verbal Analogies.

Reading and Comprehension – 3 sessions

  • Character analysis/ Central theme/ Summary of a text.
  • Structure of a text and Point of view in a text.
  • Dramatization of a text/ Modern Fiction.

Reading and Comprehension – 3 sessions

  • Textual elements/ Context clues
  • Critical analysis of an informational text.
  • Compare and contrast texts.

Writing – 3 sessions

    • Writing claims with evidence.
    • Informative text writing.
    • Comprehension writing.

Writing – 3 sessions

  • Techniques to writing narrative texts.
  • Editing a written text.
  • Analysis of fictional and non-fictional texts.

Vocabulary Acquisition – 1 session

  • Root words, Affixes, Latin root words, Greek root words.
  • Review/ Creative writing Assignment

End-of-Course Assessment




20 Tutoring Sessions Pack

Full coverage of any selected subject

Personalized live online tutoring

4 months validity




10 Tutoring Sessions Pack

Topics of your choice in a subject

Personalized live online tutoring

3 months validity

ELA Course – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can eTutorWorld customize the ELA course for my child?

At eTutorWorld, we begin every by assessing the student’s current skills. The result of this test helps us understand how your child learns better and which topics need extra attention, (if any). We also welcome parents to share their concerns with their child’s tutors, so that the course can be customized accordingly.

What topics does this course cover? Will it build on the previous levels?

This course covers Creative Writing, Language Tools, Reading and Comprehension, and Vocabulary Acquisition. Yes, the course builds on the previous levels. For example, 8th Grade Reading and Comprehension builds on 7th Grade Reading and Comprehension and takes your child ahead with ease.

Does the course have a flexible timeline?

Yes, the course has a flexible timeline. We have created this course to be 8 weeks long but children are free to take the course according to their learning pace. This online ELA program aims to bring your child at-level with peers. Timetables can wait if the child wants to revisit a topic.

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