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It has been observed that a child’s academic success at school is carried over to college and then over to a student’s career ladder. Hence, schooling becomes one of the most important aspects of a student’s lifetime. However, getting your child into the best school is a challenge. School applications, admission tests, interviews beleaguer parent and child alike.

The ISEE is one such admission assessment for many public and independent schools in and outside US. Admission Directors at these schools consider ISEE scores, the ISEE essay written during the test along with the child’s performance at school and other aspects to admit students.

Practice Tests for ISEE

We at eTutorWorld understand how important it is for your child to get top ISEE scores. Our ISEE practice test upper level program is designed to teach students not only concepts but also the techniques to ace this kind of a test. After revision of every concept, ISEE Practice Test related to that concept is given so as to reinforce and assess the child’s assimilation of the topic.

An eTutorWorld, 10 Step Mantra for ISEE Exam Prep Help

Step 1: Assess the student’s understanding on a specific topic.
Step 2: Depending on this evaluation, set curricular targets keeping in mind student’s ISEE level and test date.
Step 3: Agree on the target with the student and motivate her to achieve it, with you and her as a team.
Step 4: On the tutoring session carry the student from a known concept to an unknown one.
Step 5: Interact with and involve the student throughout the session by asking questions and discussing techniques.
Step 6: Evaluate the student on the concept learnt.
Step 7: Go back to Step 2 if required else to Step 1 for the next topic.
Step 8: Wind up the session by acknowledging student’s efforts and reviewing topics learnt.
Step 9: Post tutoring session – email student a worksheet for reinforcement of concepts taught during the session.
Step 10: Evaluate the solution sent by the student and accordingly plan the next session.

About the ISEE Test

The ISEE Test Four levels:


  • Entrance to grades 2 – 4
  • Available as an online administration only


  • Entrance to grades 5 – 6
  • Available in both online and paper/pencil administrations


  • Entrance to grades 7 – 8
  • Available in both online and paper/pencil administrations


  • Entrance to grades 9 – 12
  • Available in both online and paper/pencil administrations

The ISEE Test has five sections (in order of testing): Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension (6 passages), Mathematics Achievement, and an Essay that is written by the student in response to the given writing prompt. Each section is intended to know about a student’s preparation for academic work. Only the first four sections are scored. The test is a paper and pencil exam.

The first four sections consist entirely of multiple-choice questions. There is no penalty for incorrect responses. Results are reported in percentile ranks; that is, each student’s performance is measured against a norm group made up of students applying to independent schools in the same grade who have tested over the past three years. The essay is not scored but sent directly to the school(s) to which the student has applied, along with the score report.

The ISEE cannot be taken for practice; it may be taken only for the purpose of providing scores to participating schools as part of the admissions process. An applicant may take the ISEE only once per admission season or six month window.

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