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The SAT is a worldwide known exam among students to get admission for various undergraduate programs in colleges and universities. The exam focuses on the student’s knowledge of reading, writing, and math which they have been already studying in their high school years. It is offered seven times annually.

The new SAT has been redesigned to focus more on the student’s ability to show readiness to study in college or university in a much more organised manner.

About the SAT Tests

Based on student’s choice of a particular institution, one can choose whether to sit for SAT General Test or SAT Subject Test.

SAT General Test: The test examines student’s skills like logical reasoning and higher-level analysis which are relevant and meaningful to college and other aspects of life. The score is accepted by more than 2000 colleges and universities all across the globe.

SAT Subject Test: The test examines student’s particular strength in subjects like Maths, Science, English, History, and languages. It is usually taken by students who plan to specialize in any of the specific subject while studying in university.

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SAT Prep Help with eTutorWorld

At eTutorWorld, our expert tutors provide a thorough training to their students to make them familiar with the new content and format of SAT. The experts take regular sessions for their students so as they gain more confidence to score brilliantly on the final day of their test. The students are given sample worksheets and mock tests at regular intervals. All the sessions are inculcated based on the student’s needs which the tutors observe and keep a track of during their progress. Our experts give excellent personal guidance and direction to all students by putting more emphasis on their abilities and requirements.

Components of English section in General SAT

1. Evidence Based Reading and Writing

  • The questions focus on research skills, comprehension and interpretation of deeper contexts that ensures student’s readiness to survive in college.
  • It lays more emphasis on vocabulary that is not isolated but is contextual. The questions also judge student’s word choice with the emphasis on underlying tones and meanings in it.

2. Essay: It is optional

  • It comes at the end of English section. It depends on different institutions whether they require the score of essay for admission
  • It is to be finished in 50 minutes
  • The questions analyse student’s reading and writing skills as the write-up has to be produced after analysing the source information provided in the question.

3. Math

  • Total of 58 multiple–choice questions of which 22% will be student-produced response questions in the form of grid-ins.
  • 80 minutes including the Calculator section and No Calculator section
  • Questions based on high school math – Algebra I and II, Data Analysis, geometry, and some trigonometry
  • Several questions on the test about a single scenario.
  • Questions will assess a student’s concepts, ability to apply these concepts to the real world & proficiency in using math tools like the calculator.

Current SAT Structure

Evidence-Based Reading


  • 65 minutes Reading section
  • 35 minutes Writing & Language section


  • 52 Questions (Reading)
  • 44 Questions (Writing & Language)

Score Range

200 – 800



  • 25 minutes, No calculator section
  • 55 minutes, Calculator section


  • 20 Questions, no calculator
  • 38 Questions, calculator

Score Range

200 – 800

Essay (Optional)


  • 50 minutes (25 minutes more than the earlier SAT)


  •  One passage with a prompt  based on it

Score Range

200 – 800

SAT Scores

The total scale of the score ranges from 400-16000. It is calculated on the score reported in different sections. Given below is the scale of score or different sections of SAT:

  • Evidence Based Reading & Writing:  200-800
  • Math:  200-800
  • Essay results (if opted)  are recorded separately

Major Key areas to focus on for new SAT:

  • Demonstration of Analytical skills
  • Work on stylistic, persuasive or argumentative elements
  • Logical reasoning to develop ideas
  • Read only non-fictional  and challenging texts

Best time to take Tests:

October or November to take early admission in the month of January.

Taking exams like PSAT and ACT help students to prepare themselves for the SAT as the new format of SAT writing and language section matches the format of PSAT and ACT. Going through these exams will give the students much needed confidence and time to test their skills before they appear for their final SAT exam.

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