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Every parent will want the best for their child, specially when it comes to their child’s academics; more so when it comes to a basic skill like language and literacy. For this very reason, when it comes to online English tutoring, a live online English tutor is directly matched to your child’s needs at eTutorWorld. A personal online English tutor can help you improve school performance, increase confidence in reading and comprehension or motivation in a topic and build solid study skills and discipline that will help in all aspects of life. And eTutorWorld makes all this possible, and more.

A one-to-one live online English tutor can also help young adults master their English proficiency. Private, individualized English tutoring is NOT just for students and teens, though – many adults have enrolled for eTutorWorld’s English tutoring to further strengthen their language and communication skills. Equipped with online tests, English practice worksheets, and fun ways to learn English, many of our English tutoring students have gone back to school or adult life empowered with greater, more confident language skills.

Our online English tutoring sessions are interactive and great fun. Students from grades 3-12 and beyond can schedule regular English sessions with our expert English tutors. You can reinforce English language skills learned during a tutoring session by solving fun and free English practice sheets. These include free Grammar Worksheets, free practice worksheets in English, free ELA Worksheets, free analogies worksheets, free Reading & Comprehension Worksheets, free Creative Writing Worksheets with the appropriate prompts, etc.

English Tutoring Program

Sample English Tutoring Session

 One-on-One Online Tutoring for English

Why Choose English Tutoring at eTutorWorld

  • Master the language, learn new concepts
  • Improve communication skills
  • Acquire associated skills like writing, editing, social skills
  • Excel in academics
  • Prep for Standardized Tests
  • Open new doors to the world
Our online English tutors use simple and easy-to-learn methods to develop a deep knowledge and understanding of the language. Our tutoring methods focus on the development of English language core skills like:
  • Listening
  • Speaking

This assures your child will progress to higher levels of English as a language. Our English tutoring program includes the following

  • English Grammar
  • Comprehension
  • Reading Analysis
  • Literary Analysis
  • Poetry Analysis
  • Shakespeare Studies
  • Creative Writing
  • Essay Writing Help
  • Research Paper Writing
  • Standardized Test Prep Help
  • English Composition

Get the eTutorWorld English Tutorial Advantage!

Here are some of the distinct advantages to signing up for English tutoring sessions online at eTutorWorld:

  • Personalized one-on-one English tutoring with assured tutor continuity
  • Voice-based sessions and interactive whiteboard for solving problems
  • Use of advanced technology that simplifies teaching and makes learning easy and fun
  • Tutor/student evaluations at the end of every session
  • Schedule your tutoring session at a time convenient to you
  • Help with homework, test prep, assignments and adult education courses
  • Help with high school and college level English test questions

Online Tutoring and Worksheets Pricing 

Our Learning by Design methodology focuses exclusively on individual students. 

Our expert tutors are specially trained to identify and diagnose the needs and skills of each student and plan future tutoring lessons accordingly.

Know more about our Personalised Online Tutoring  Packs.

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