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To get admission or even a head start at college, a high school student can take the AP exam (Advanced Placement exam).

Colleges often ask for scores as part of the admissions process. Most colleges in the U.S. accept AP scores for college credit, but many schools award credit only for scores of four or five. AP exams are scored on a scale from one to five, with five being the highest. AP exams are administered worldwide in May every year. You may take up one or more AP course of the 32 subjects that are available. The choice of subject will depend on the courses you plan to study during your Under Graduate Program.

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At eTutorWorld, you can learn with expert AP subject teachers. Tutors here are empowered with the best technology and the training. These AP tutors coach students through individualized learning sessions that they can take from the comfort of their homes. Our AP exams tutoring program is designed to help students achieve greater success. Is taking up an AP course necessary?


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