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How to Improve Your SSAT Test Score

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Learn the two main aspects of SSAT test score improvements – General and Specific – in detail below.

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Improve SSAT Score

Improving SSAT test scores can be categorized into two aspects: General and Specific.

Let us explore the two fields in detail.

General Aspects

You need to concentrate on PTF to ace your SSAT and score high. And with eTutorWorld’s SSAT prep help, that is exactly what you will do!

‘P’ for ‘Practice’

As the idiom goes, practice makes perfect, only if you practice repeatedly, your brain and mind will be ready for the SSAT Test.

With practice, you will…

  • Get the advantage of knowing archetypal questions on the SSAT
  • Learn how to tackle questions in all the sections
  • Not be surprised or shocked to see an unconventional question
  • Get confident and be at ease while answering
  • Retain an edge over other participants

‘T’ for ‘Time Management’

By learning to maximize your time you will…

  • Not rush your brain to inefficiency levels
  • Learn to appropriately manage difficult, not-so-difficult, and easy questions
  • Realize that our brains can retrieve facts at extra speed and clarity when required
  • Be able to complete answering all the questions within the stipulated time

‘F’ for ‘Familiarity’

By being familiar with the SSAT test format and types of questions, you will:

  • Think more clearly and faster
  • Not be confused or hesitant while answering
  • Know what to expect on the SSAT
  • Face the SSAT with a smile

PTF will take you to the heights and that is what you deserve.

Specific Aspects

1. SSAT Verbal Section (30 minutes):

This consists of 30 synonym questions and 30 analogy questions. You have about 30 seconds to answer each question. Except for the elementary level, the student loses points for incorrect answers so it is essential to write only the right answers. It is desirable not to make random guesses on the SSAT test verbal section. All these questions follow multiple-choice answers.

Synonym Questions:

Students choose the answer that is closest in meaning to the word given in the question.

Useful Strategies:

**For synonyms, knowing the stem word or the word in the question would help.
**Students’ familiarity with the definition of words will be an added bonus.

Analogy Questions

This tests the knowledge of relationships between words. Students select the answer from the choices that best completes the meaning of the sentence. Analogies test reasoning as well as vocabulary skills.

Useful Strategies:

**Students’ visual skills combined with reasoning help in defining the relationship between the question and the choice.
**Students’ familiarity with the definition of words will be an added bonus.

2. SSAT Reading

  • Skim through the questions before reading the passage
  • Give a purpose for reading and answers will jump at you
  • Read the passage first quickly and then in detail
  • Do not pause to think for just one question but move on to the next
  • Cross out what should be eliminated if an answer is not obvious
  • Comprehension and inference are vital elements to succeed

3. SSAT Quantitative (Sample Questions)

  • Practice math problems without using a calculator
  • Get the brain used to doing its own arithmetic
  • Drill yourself into doing as many problems as you can in a limited time frame
  • Sharpen your math techniques with practice

4. SSAT Writing

Though writing is not scored, the essay that you write will be sent to your school with the score report. The school administration will know how you write in a controlled environment and how your creativity flows uninterrupted. Essay might have the final say so it is better not to underestimate writing. Practice a specific creative essay that can be adapted for many prompts.

To sum up, the practice needs to be stressed with maximizing time and familiarity with types of questions.

Read voraciously to imbibe English vocabulary and style. Read the questions thoroughly and focus on the task at hand. Try to answer all the questions if you are certain of the answers. Revise everything you have attempted. Believe in yourself because you can move mountains. Answer the easy questions first and never pause, but move on. Experience the fun of preparing for the SSAT Test with our highly specialized tutors.

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