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Weather Systems

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Weather Systems

Did you know that the sun makes the air move to create wind? That the sun makes water vapor from seas and oceans to form clouds and rain?


What’s the Weather like?

The condition of the atmosphere around us determines the weather. We have hot weather, cold weather, wet weather, calm weather, stormy weather. We get snow, rain, hail, hurricane, sandstorm, tornado, and so many more forms of weather. All our weather is created by the sun, air, and oceans.

The spinning earth gets sunlight from the sun that heats the land, which warms the air above it. Warm air rises and is replaced by cold air from other places nearby. This causes the air to blow from one place to another as wind.

The sun also heats and evaporates the surface of oceans and seas. This creates water vapor which rises in the atmosphere to form clouds. When clouds have too much water vapor, they are unable to hold, they drop that water down in the form of rain. In cold weather this rain turns into snow.

Every kind of weather we experience on Earth is explained by changes that take place in the Earth’s atmosphere due to the Sun. The weather changes from time to time. It may be calm in the morning and windy later in the day. It may be sunny in the morning and it may rain in the afternoon. It may be warm in the evening and cold at night. Sometimes we get a thunderstorm, a hailstorm, a hurricane or a cyclone, all of which are severe forms of weather conditions.

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Temperatures of the World

Weather is the most talked about subject on the planet!

When you determine the average weather condition over many years for a particular place or region, then you get what we call the Climate for that place or region. It is based on the average amount of sunshine, wind, humidity, temperature, and other measures of weather.

Different regions have different climates. The climate in the Sahara Desert is hot and dry. The climate in tropical countries is rainy and humid. The climate in Antarctica is extremely cold and windy. Climate change is also a hotly discussed topic on the planet!

The Water Cycle

Water on Earth is continuously moving from the oceans to the air, to land, and back to the oceans. This cycle is driven by the Sun. The sun heats the water which rises as an invisible vapor to form clouds. Clouds create precipitation, in the form of rain, snow, or moisture, which falls back to land or in the ocean. This recirculation of water ensures that we always have enough water on the planet at all times. It is the very basis of our existence.

Check Point

Fill in the blanks:

  1. The sun makes _____ ______ from the seas and oceans to form clouds and rain.
  2. Our weather is created by the ______, ______ and ______.
  3. Climate is the ______ weather condition over many years for a place or region.
  4. Clouds create______ in the form of rain, snow, or moisture.
  5. Sunlight shining on raindrops can create a ______.

Answer Key

  1. Water vapor
  2. Sun, air, oceans
  3. Average
  4. Precipitation
  5. Rainbow

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