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AP Calculus Tutoring

Why AP Calculus Course?

A typical calculus course enables students to pursue higher mathematics at the university level with ease. It exposes the students to a wider area of mathematics in general and thereby keeping them in touch with other branches of math like Trigonometry, Analytical Geometry and Algebra. The online AP Calculus tutoring course without any doubt is an added advantage even for life science students, and students taking education degree at the university level. It is better to take it at the school level since it is not a difficult course to complete. The AP Calculus exam is the most popular of all AP exams. About 5-6% of all students take the AP Calculus exam every year.

Live online AP Calculus tutoring Course on AP calculus AB and AP calculus BC:

A student with a prior knowledge of functions, (types, domain, ranges, and graphs) can ease into the course without much fuss. But it is not a prerequisite as the topic on function can be easily covered in few classes. However a student must be well versed with algebra, trigonometry, and coordinate geometry.

Students get to know the process of limits, differentiation, and integration. More importantly they learn the real life applications of the above concepts which is what makes the topic more interesting. The use of a graphing calculator in AP Calculus is considered an integral part of the course. Students learn the usage of the latest graphing calculator like TI 84 and TI 89 while using it in studying of these concepts.

The AP Calculus BC course is an extended version of AP Calculus AB course which requires that a student is proficient in algebra and particularly inequalities.

Why AP Calculus Tutoring at eTutorWorld?

Students get to learn the trickier part of function theory using their math skills and also the latest graphing calculators such as TI 84 and TI 89, the rules of differentiation, the techniques of integration and their applications. And with our expert calculus and math tutors, you will always have an advantage!

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More Topics on AP Calculus


Functions, Graphs, and limits

  • Analyze the graphs of functions and relations
  • Evaluate the limits of functions (including one-sided limits)
  • Analyze asymptotic and unbounded behavior
  • Understand continuity as a property of functions
  • Analyze parametric, polar, and vector functions


  • Develop the concepts of the derivative
  • Have an understanding of the derivative at a point
  • Investigate the derivative as a function
  • Explore second derivatives
  • Apply derivatives
  • Compute derivatives


  • Discover the interpretations and the properties of the definite integral
  • Apply integrals
  • Discover the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
  • Explore techniques of antidifferentiation
  • Apply antiderivatives
  • Compute numerical approximations to definite integrals

Polynomial Approximations and Series

  • Taylor Series
  • Develop the concepts of series
  • Explore series of constants

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