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SSAT Upper Level Practice Test (Quantitative)

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SSAT Upper Level: Sample Questions

SSAT Verbal, Reading & Comprehension Middle Level

Directions: Each question is followed by five suggested answers. Work out the question and select the best option.

Q1.Find the value of expression 2x – 3y if x = -3 and y = 4
a) 12

b) 18

c) -12

d) -18

e) 15


Q2. Find the missing number of sequence given 47, _____, 61, 68, 75, 81

a) 54

b) 57

c) 53

d) 52

e) 51


Q3. Jane has total of 24 marbles. Six of them are red, eight are blue and remaining is green. What is the ratio of green marbles to the total number of marbles?
a) 1:3

b) 1:4

c) 7:12

d) 12:5

e) 5:12


Q4. What is measure of the exterior angle of 20-gon?
a) 180 degrees

b) 360 degrees

c) 20 degrees

d) 18 degrees

e) 30 degrees


Q5. Find the value of absolute value equation:
– |-81+ 15|-|-56 -65|
a) 187

b) -187

c) -55

d) -57

e) 55


Q6. Given equation of a line is 5x + 3y = 21. What will be the slope of a line parallel to the given equation?
a) 5/3

b) 3/5

c) -5/3

d) -3/5

e) 21/5


Q7. A circular loop has a circumference of 24pi yards. Find the area of the loop.
a) 12 pi sq. yards

b) 24 pi sq. yards

c) 84 pi sq. yards

d) 96 pi sq. yards

e) 144 pi sq. yards


Q8. Rosy has 91, 89, 74, 78 grades on a test; what must be her score on her fifth test to get an average of 85?
a) 98

b) 93

c) 89

d) 85

e) 79


Q9. James jogs a distance of 1560 meters every day. Find the total distance covered by him in miles in two weeks.
a) 21.84 miles

b) 15.67 miles

c) 12.58 miles

d) 13.57 miles

e) 17.26 miles


Q10. Measure of one side of a regular heptagon is 23 cm. Perimeter of the heptagon will be equal to
a) 161 cms

b) 138 cms

c) 115 cms

d) 230 cms

e) 184 cms


Q11. Evaluate: (5)4. (5) 8 / (5)9
a) 1/125

b) 125

c) 25

d) 1/25

e) 625

Answer Key

1) d

2) a

3) e

4) d
5) b

6) c

7) e

8) b
9) d

10) a

11) b

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