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Quick Tips for SSAT Test Success

Listed below are a few points to keep in mind while preparing for SSAT. These will ensure that you get a great score on your test.


1. Prepare well in advance

Start at least 2 months before your SSAT date. Cramming at the last minute means you won’t have enough time left for practice.


2. Don’t skip on practice

It’s essential to be regular. You can’t make up for a week’s lost practice by catching up on a weekend, as it’s hard for our mind to retain things when there is an information overload.


3. Take timed tests

This will make sure you get used to the actual exam environment. Click here to access a few sample SSAT tests.


4. Identify your weak areas

Whenever you are practicing, do make sure to notice topics where you get more questions wrong and those which take too much of your time. Spend more time on these and make sure there is no particular topic that gives you cold feet before the exam.


5. Don’t worry too much

Do your best while preparing for the test but don’t worry if it doesn’t go perfectly. It’s only one component of your application to an independent school.


6. Read as much as possible

Regular reading practice will not only improve your reading speed but will also help with vocabulary building. Make sure you look up all the unfamiliar words you encounter daily in a dictionary. Read from a variety of sources (booksnewspapersmagazines etc.) as well as on a variety of topics.


7. Spot roots of words

You can encounter ‘chron’ in chronic as well as chronicle. Chron, from the greek word chronos, stands for time. Once you realize that it’s easier to remember the meaning of chronic as something which continues for a long time and that of chronicle as a record of events in time.


8. Maintain a good pace during the exam

Don’t spend too much time on a single question. If you are stumped by a question, move on and don’t think about it while you are attempting other questions. As mentioned earlier, it’s not necessary to obtain a perfect score on the SSAT Test.


Click here to see a few sample SSAT questions and their explanations. Also, check out how eTutorWorld can help you in your preparation. All the best!


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