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Back to School Tips –Middle School

Its that time of the year to be excited and nervous; motivated and anxious, stirred up and soothed down too…all at the same time!

Its time to get ready for the new school year; time to look for the Back to School Super Sale’; time to get set with the back to school supplies.

A transition from primary school to middle school often gets nerve wrecking for many students and parents alike. There are so many things to worry about – new syllabus, new friends, new teachers, activities, lockers, clothes, shoes, hairstyles…and the list goes on & on.

The best way to get over this edginess is to be prepared.

  1. Make a to-do-list and divide it into categories like make a separate shopping list and list of things you need to get ready at home.
  2. Go through your school website to know about their administration, system and activities.
  3. Reach out to other students/parents and speak to them as to how they are preparing for school.
  4. If possible speak to teachers and administrators to get some guidance on the new year at school.
  5. Extract the coming year’s syllabus, sample assessments and other important information from your state education department website so you know what to expect once you return to school.
  6. Look for ‘Back to School’ offers and make the most of them. Most of these offers are genuine and budget-friendly.
  7. Make a list of things you have and you need to purchase.
  8. If working on a budget, check out with family and friends for hand-me-down books, clothes etc.
  9. Go shopping to stores that specialize in Back to School merchandise.
  10. Set your day’s schedule as it will be once school starts – like waking up early in the morning, sitting at your desk for any indoor activity at the same time you will set aside for homework and of course bedtime.
  11. Revise and brush up Math, Science and English topics of the previous school year. A good way of doing it is to work on practice sheets and look over basic concepts in these subjects. Teachers often complain that, at the beginning of every school year, they have to reteach previous year’s topics as students have forgotten everything over the summer break.
  12. Join activities similar to the ones you will have at school like art work, soccer, playing a musical instrument etc.

The above guidelines will boost your confidence to do well at school and surge ahead of your class at everything.