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“I hate math”,

“I can’t do math”,

“I am not good at math”,

You must have heard these phrases. These are all astonishingly common statements we hear from students nowadays.

Unfortunately, parents often fail to understand the simple fact that a child is not born with the fear of math; it is not an innate virus but actually, an inculcated behavior often learned from family members or peers.

According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress report in 2017, only 33% of eighth-graders qualify to be proficient in Math. These numbers dropped even further in 2019.

In Brief, your child fears Math when his basics are not clear, has less practice, doesn’t like the subject, or doesn’t have a good mentor. This blog will guide you through Fear of Math in detail and how you can conquer Math Anxiety.

Reasons Behind Fear of Math or Math Phobia

Here are some reasons why your child has a Fear of Math:

  • Sometimes child’s limited beliefs regarding his own capabilities act as a learner’s block.
  • The myth shared by a shockingly great number of students is that they do not have the so-called ‘math gene’.
  • Often underrated but a valid reason is lack of practice as students mistakenly believe that once they have understood the concept, their work is done. However, that is only a half battle won.
  • Nowadays, youngsters are conditioned to do smart work which more often than not results in finding shortcuts to everything.
  • Uninteresting ways of teaching maths in schools; students are not trained to connect different concepts.
  • A widespread misconception that math is all about learning procedures, limits students’ understanding of the subject.

This math anxiety, if left unaddressed, eventually turns into math avoidance and creates a lifelong vicious circle. A sad reality is that many students fail to make appropriate career choices due to math anxiety.

James Stigler, professor of developmental and cognitive psychology at UCLA and currently working on a project to improve math and science education across the US conducted a study based on placement tests, which reveals that 60% of community college students do not qualify to study math at the college level.


How to Conquer Math Fear?

The good news is that there are solutions to every problem and math is no exception:

  • Do not limit yourself to self-doubt. It is okay and also very common to not get a grasp of a concept in one single go. Be kind to yourself and do not indulge in negative self-talk.
  • While doing smart work is much appreciated, however, in this Google era, there are things that demand both times as well as practice. There are no shortcuts to Math and that’s how the cookie crumbles.
  • There is no such thing as a ‘math gene’. Solving math problems is a skill and it can be learned.
  • You can study math online. Use technology to your advantage and find an online math tutor as per your learning requirements.

In this enlightened age, it is easier than ever to overcome the challenges that once seemed unconquerable.

With technology at your disposal, you can learn math online and your math anxiety would soon be nothing more than a ghost of the past. By studying mathematics online, you do not have to rely on traditional classroom lessons anymore, to understand new mathematical concepts.

Most importantly, with online math classes, one automatically overcomes all sorts of distractions that hamper students’ performance in classic classroom sessions.

Many parents, as well as students, have recognized online math classes for a number of advantages like time-saving, economical, no holiday season interruptions, recorded sessions for future reference, and many more.

However, those who are new to online tutoring, scruple due to a lack of knowledge as to how it all works.

eTutorWorld has a Solution for your Math Anxiety

eTutorWorld can be the answer to your learning needs and help you overcome the fear of math. Study math online from an experienced online math tutor at eTutorWorld and you will notice the difference after just a few sessions. With elicit teaching approach followed by the tutors at eTutorWorld, students aren’t just given a set of rules to solve a specific problem, they are actually encouraged to understand concepts.

Unlike, crowded classrooms wherein students often do not receive enough individual attention, eTutorWorld teachers entertain doubts and help students overcome their math anxiety.

Taking math help online empowers you to select your ideal online math tutor from a range of merit and not scarcity-based teachers. Plus, the engaging online math lessons work beyond the psychological and behavioral barriers encountered in a school’s classic classroom setup. When the mind is not struggling with anxiety but is focused on a comfortable and safe environment of home, learning improves manifold.

Finally, it is paramount to never underestimate yourself; there isn’t anything that a human brain cannot learn and in this age of technology, you do not need to limit yourself to fear. With your online math tutor, you can move from a fixed mindset i.e. I can’t do math, to a growth mindset i.e. I don’t know this mathematical concept yet but I can learn it. The latter opens the door to innumerable opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to overcome the Fear of Math?

Overcoming the Fear of Math requires time, practice, and a proactive approach. First, you have to clear your basics in Math. Understand the formula instead of learning. Practice regularly with the problems and when you are done with the basics problems, go to advanced problems. Connect dots or visualize the problem instead of directly solving it. See in what ways the problem can be solved.

Why do children develop a fear of math?

Your child may develop a fear of math due to the following reasons: basics not clear, does not like the math subject, lack of confidence in abilities, not having enthusiasm or curiosity, or not having a good mentor. These are some reasons why your child has a math fear in his/her mind.

Is Math anxiety common?

Yes, it is true that Math Anxiety is common. Some children develop math anxiety in the lower grades when they don’t have sufficient math resources, or learning materials.

How does Math anxiety affect learning?

Yes, Math Anxiety affects the learning of your child. Math Anxiety can hinder your performance in the subject. It can lower your curiosity in Math or your participation in Math. Moreover, it can also affect your other subjects grades.

Are there any resources available to help with math anxiety?

Yes, there are many resources available to help you with Math Anxiety or Fear. Like, you can watch some helpful videos on youtube, math-specific websites for practice, or educational apps. Well, you can also take help from expert math mentors. A Special Math Mentor can easily understand your problems with Math Anxiety and provide helpful guidance. Even you can use eTutorWorld to get expert Math Tutors Help.