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3rd Grade Science Tutoring Online

Find Online Science Tutors for 3rd Graders

As a parent, you probably constantly face questions like ‘Why do we water plants?’, ‘What is the earth made up of?’, ’How do bees make honey?’, ‘When will the flower bloom?’… and many more from your 3rd grader. Your child is beginning to be more curious and interested in the world around. Without answers to all these questions, their understanding about this world is incomplete.

At eTutorWorld, our expert Grade 3 science tutors share content which is not only fun and interesting for but also tickles your child’s young mind to discover the truths of science. Explore the world of eTutorWorld and make a difference to your child’s grades. What’s more, the first online tutoring session is always free!

Certified Online Science Tutors for 3rd Graders:

With our 3rd grade Science tutoring, your child will learn about:

Life Science – Plant Growth and Changes

  1. Investigate the growth and development of plants, including the conditions necessary for germination.
  2. Analyze the interdependence among plants, individuals, society, and the environment.

Physical Science – Magnetism and Static Electricity

  1. Investigate the characteristics of contact (e.g., push, pull, and friction) and non-contact (e.g., magnetic and static electric) forces.
  2. Assess effects of practical applications of magnetic and static electric forces on individuals and society.

Physical Science – Structures and Materials

  1. Investigate properties of materials and methods of joinery used in structures.
  2. Assess the function and characteristics of strong, stable, and balanced natural and human-built structures.

Earth and Space Science – Exploring Soils

  1. Investigate the characteristics, including soil composition and ability to absorb water, of different types of soils in their environment.
  2. Analyze the interdependence between soil and living things, including the importance of soil for individuals, society, and all components of the environment

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Benefits of 3rd Grade Science Tutoring at eTutorWorld

One-On-One Tutoring

eTutorWorld offers one-on-one tutoring sessions where a child receives individual attention from trained kindergarten teachers. These teachers are hand-picked for their experience and expertise. All the sessions at eTutorWorld are recorded so that parents and students can revisit topics whenever they want.

Individualized Lesson Plans

Every child learns differently. That is why we create individualized lesson plans after conducting an assessment test. This test is used to gauge a student’s capabilities and learning gaps. The result of this test is used to create a unique lesson plan that can serve the individual learning needs of the child.

Customized Worksheets

After creating an individual lesson plan, we focus on providing unique worksheets to the students. They are also created according to individual learning needs. So, every child gets a different worksheet to practice the same lesson. Surprised? Don’t be. Research has proven that when children receive instructions custom-designed to their level, they perform better as compared to the times they receive standardized instructions.

Flexible Timeline

At eTutorWorld, we understand that young minds are volatile and that is why we offer flexible timelines. We let the child decide the study time. We also offer the flexibility of splitting a one-hour session into two sessions of different subjects. This way, our kindergartners can study when they want and they also get to decide how much. After all, a happy kid learns better than a grumpy one who is forced to sit through an online session

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