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Children need nurturing in every way, building them up with love, life skills, knowledge, and abstract reasoning. Some of these can be tested with questions based on their emotional quotient (EQ), intelligence quotient (IQ) and cognitive abilities tests(CogAT).

While most of you are well aware of EQ, you may sometimes wonder how intelligence quotient is different from cognitive abilities. Well, IQ tests students on their learned knowledge while CogAT tests students’ abilities in verbal, quantitative and spatial/non-verbal abilities. Thus, IQ can be enhanced with better academic knowledge while CogAT test prep requires regular practice in reasoning questions to develop quick thinking and a sharp intellect.
CogAT tests are based on the child’s age, with a number assigned to each level corresponding to the age of the child. CogAT practice test grade 3 up to 12 grade have questions based on three batteries of tests as per the actual format of the test :

1. Verbal Battery: verbal analogies, sentence completion, verbal classification

2. Quantitative Battery: number analogies, puzzles, series

3. Non-verbal / Spatial battery: figure analogies, paper folding, figure classification

CogAT practice test grade 2, grade 1 and Kindergarten have questions based on three batteries as per the format of the actual test:

1. Verbal Battery: oral vocabulary and verbal reasoning

2. Quantitative Battery: number relationship and concepts

3. Non-verbal / Spatial battery: figure classification and matrices

Students are given 30-45 minutes to complete each battery of the test. CogAT test 2nd grade, 1st grade or Kindergarten are given more time than students taking CogAT grade 3 –grade 12.
They are allowed 2 to 3 hours to complete the test.

A few websites offer practice worksheets for free. These can be very interesting initially but tend to become repetitive over time. Moreover, a high score on such websites may not be an indicator of high cognitive ability! A high score may have been achieved because of easier sample questions! As a result of this shortcoming, many home tutoring organizations have come up with personalized plans for students.

Catch them young! Grade 2 and 3 is a good time to start practicing for CogAT tests with online tutors. Tutoring unlike free websites would asses each student on her or his weak areas
based on CogAT format and focus attention accordingly.

Home tutoring organizations have plenty of worksheets designed especially for CogAT test prep grade 3 and higher grades.

A few of the benefits of being tutored include the following:-

• Personalized tutoring gauges the student’s present abilities.
• Tutors gradually increase the difficulty level of the tests based on students’ aptitude and learning graph.
• Students enjoy CogAT practice tests as they find them to be both challenging and engaging.
• Their skills improve with regular practice.
• Tutors slowly bring them up to the desired standards of performance so that they are able to take the cognitive abilities test

No matter what grade your child is in, you can start downloading free worksheets from the Internet or enroll for online home tutoring personalized to your child’s learning pace. Log on to
www.eTutorWorld.com and benefit from the newly introduced CogAT test prep learning program in 2020.

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