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Whole Numbers

All counting numbers starting from zero to infinity are known as whole numbers.

Is it possible to get a whole number every time you divide two numbers?

Let us consider some examples:

374 ÷ 11 = 34

15157 ÷ 23 = 659

1008 ÷ 25 = ?

We cannot get a whole number upon dividing 1008 by 25. Whenever we can’t get a whole number quotient, we get a decimal number quotient. We place a decimal when no more digit is left to bring down and the remainder is not equal to zero. After placing a decimal, we can use any number of zeroes required but one at a time only.

Let us see this procedure in the case of 1008 ÷ 25:

STEP I: Normal Division

divide whole numbers

STEP-II: As there is no more digit to bring down and the remainder is not equal to zero, we place a decimal to continue our division and bring down a zero.

Divide Whole numbers

STEP III: As we have already placed a decimal, we can bring down another zero.

Divide Whole numbers

As we get our remainder as zero, we stop the division. If the remainder is not zero, we can continue bringing down zero after every step till we get zero as the remainder.

Thus, 1008 ÷ 25 = 40.32

Here, 40.32 is known as the decimal number quotient.

Divide Whole numbers facts

Check Point

  1. Without actual division, how would you determine whether the answer of the division will be a whole number or a decimal number quotient?
  2. Would you get a whole number or a decimal number quotient upon dividing 67 by 128?
  3. Find the quotient: 8 ÷ 5
  4. Divide 121 by 125.
  5. Find the decimal number quotient: 308 ÷ 20
Answer Key
  1. It is not possible to determine the quotient in every case for a whole number or a decimal number. However, if the dividend < divisor, then quotient will always be a decimal number.
  2. A decimal number as dividend<divisor.
  3. 6
  4. 968
  5. 4

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