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Changes to your Safari Browser Settings to access eTutorWorld’s Online Worksheets and Practice Tests (on Proprofs).

If you have issues accessing eTutorWorld’s Online Worksheets and Practice Tests, follow these steps to Unblock cookies on the Safari browser,

A. On an iPad or iPhone

Step 1: Open iPad settings and select Safari.

Step 2: In Privacy >> Accept Cookies, you can see three options ‘From visited’, ‘Always’ and ‘Never’. Make sure Accept Cookies is set to ‘Always’.

B. On a Mac laptop

Step 1: Open the quiz that is not working on Safari.

Step 2: Go to Safari settings and click on preferences.

Step 3: Under Privacy tag >> Block cookies, you can see three options ‘From third party and advertisers’, ‘Always’ and ‘Never’. Make sure Block cookies is set to ‘Never’.

C. On a Mac OS High Sierra Version 10.13.4 

Step 1: Go to Safari settings.

Step 2: Under ‘Privacy & Security’, uncheck ‘Prevent Cross-Site Tracking’, ‘Block All Cookies’ and ‘Ask Website Not to Track Me’ as shown in the image below.

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