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Online Algebra Tutoring: Exponential Expression

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Complete the Exponential Expression

An exponent is a number indicating how many times a number is multiplied by itself. The exponent is placed to the upper right of the base number and signifies how many times the base term is multiplied by itself The base a is raised to the power of n is equal to the multiplication of a, n times:

an = a × a × … × a

n times a is the base and n is the exponent.

Some facts about exponents:

•Zero raised to any power is zero (e.g. 05 = 0) •One raised to any power is one (e.g. 125 = 1) •Any number raised to the zero power is one (e.g. 870 = 1) •Any number raised to the first power is that number itself (e.g. 461 = 46)

Learn Exponentioal Expression from Certified Online Algebra Tutor

  1.  a) Solve for y.

64 = y2 The exponent of y is 2. What number can you use as a factor 2 times to get 64? 64 = y2y × y = 8 × 8 You can use 8 as a factor 2 times. The base is 8. y = 8

  1.  b) Solve for d.

49 = d2 The exponent of d is 2. What number can you use as a factor 2 times to get 49? 49 = d2d × d = 7 × 7 You can use 7 as a factor 2 times. The base is 7.     d = 7

Check Point:

  1. a.Solve for v.

      v1 = 165

  1. b) Solve for c.

144 = 12c

  1. c) Solve for u.

343= u3  

  1. d) What is 0.124 raised to the fifth power?
  1. e) A piece of cloth is in the shape of a square with a length of 9 yards. Find the area of the cloth in exponential form.
Answer Key
  1. v= 165
  2. c= 2
  3. u= 7
  4. 0.1245
  5. 92 sq.yards
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