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Distances don’t matter anymore! With eTutorWorld’s user-friendly state-of-the-art technology, you can now learn from the country’s best teachers from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is get online and attend a FREE session.

During the FREE demo session, you’ll be able to communicate over audio and chat with a live expert tutor. The interactive white board allows you to write and share assignments, worksheets and videos. Ask questions, problems or concepts…you’ll get the answers you need!

Seeing is believing! Here are some videos from parents and students about our niche tutoring services that are affordable and reliable.

eTutorWorld’s secure online and effective teaching methods have made a difference in the marks of 1000’s of students and can make a difference in your child’s classroom scores too.

Develop the Skills to Perform and Succeed

We plan interactive online tuition classes according to your child’s requirements. The steps followed to doing so are:

  1. Your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses are identified using a Diagnostic Test.
  2. Our counsellor talks to you about any specific requirements and plans the best learning path for your child.
  3. Taking into consideration this analysis, the counsellor and your online teacher together plan your future tuition classes (tutoring sessions) so you can learn quickly with a better understanding.
  4. Every tutoring session is aimed at meeting a specific objective which eventually helps you achieve at school and beyond.
  5. Practice sheets after every tutoring lesson makes sure that you assimilate the concept taught and gain confidence.
  6. Queries and errors regarding the worksheet are discussed in the next tutoring lesson.
  7. The tutor administers summative assessments after every academic concept is learnt by you.

Regular assessments help your tutor to understand if the intended objectives have been achieved and subsequent lessons are accordingly designed

Take part in an exciting and engaging session that makes learning fun! 

Join Live Online Home Tuitions to get ahead of your classmates.

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