eTutorWorld is dedicated to providing the highest quality online tutoring in Math, Science and English for grades 3-12 and Standardized Test Prep help using the latest technology, to students worldwide. We love hearing from students, parents, teachers and school administrators, so please feel free to contact us for any reason.

TALK TO A COUNSELLOR (For Students and Parents)

Our academic counsellors are available

  • To talk to you so they can help tutors plan tutoring sessions consistent with the student’s abilities and interests.
  • They monitor progress toward the student’s educational/career goals and interact with our expert tutors, parents and students regularly to make sure that academic goals are achieved.
  • They consult subject tutors on a daily basis to have up-to-date information about student’s progress.
  • They make sure that tutoring meets parental expectations and academic objectives.
  • They proactively contact and be available for students and parents alike to review on a regular basis student’s progress toward completing the proposed academic program and discuss grades and other performance indicators

Your feedback will help us achieve our goal of revolutionizing the online tutoring world, making one-on-one personalized tutoring and Test Prep Help fun and affordable to all.

Career Opportunities (For Tutors)

Our rapidly growing family of tutors includes tutors from all parts of India and across all age groups. What is common among them is their passion to help students, their willingness to learn, and their enthusiasm to teach.

Tutors must have a graduate degree in the subject they teach. A post graduate degree in the subject area will be preferred for teaching higher grades. Our tutors must be patient and caring about our students, have good listening skills and be willing to learn and adapt to international teaching methods.

We have exciting part time and full time career opportunities as an etutor. Please contact us to explore whether etutoring would be the right career option for you. For more information, please use the form or email us at:


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