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Yes! No! May be! Let us find out!

Professional excellence sprouts from a strong academic background at school, resting its foundation in grades 9 and 10. Students who aspire to build careers in engineering and technology need to work hard in Science, Math, and English right from high school. They need adequate exposure to theory for conceptual clarity and sufficient practical training for better understanding, application, and recall. Standardized tests like the ACT, SAT and PSAT have either separate sections or questions for Science, English, and Maths. Hence, as responsible parents, we need to take informed decisions in a good time so our children are well prepared to take the storm head-on.

‘Should a high school student seek tutoring?’ is a question that students and parents often ask. Before we weigh the pros and cons, here’s a conversation between two mothers:

Jane: Should my son, who’s in high school now, seek tutoring?

Mary: Why not? 

Jane: Justin does go to school and I’m sure the teachers are competent enough. I want him to be independent and would like him to chart his own pathway. Moreover, we keep motivating and encouraging him at home. We provide him with all the possible support like books and stationery. 

Mary: Is that adequate? 

Jane:  Not really! I do feel there’s a gap between my son’s current performance and his full potential. I think you’ve got me thinking… a good home tutor could fill this gap! I can already see Justin at top of his class! Well, how do I recognize the need or validate that home tutoring is what we should opt for right away. 

Mary: These prompts will help you make a decision: Are all children at school performing equally well? Is your child confident or are there signs of stress and struggle? Does he find High School curriculum challenging? 

Jane: Hmm, these definitely are points to ponder while taking a conscious decision. What are the pros and cons of personalized tutoring? Can we afford it? Is it worth it? Do we take the decision now or delay it by a year? If now, then where do we find the right tutors? 

Mary: Jane, I suggest you log on to www.eTutorWorld.com and trust your son to be   in safe hands. Check out the various online learning services on their website and schedule a free tutoring session with a live online tutor. Once Justin starts learning with them, enjoy the ride as they mentor your child until his wings are sturdy to fly and soar through the sky to the top!

As Jane and Mary did a brainstorming session, they listed out the pros and cons to help other parents take a quick decision lest it is futile to cry over spilled milk!
The Pros: 

1. Benefits Accrued From Online Tutoring For A High School Student 

  • Conceptual clarity
  • Personal attention and adequate help
  • Affordable
  • Convenient
  • Homework help
  • Increased confidence of the student
  • Enjoyable develops interest
  • Better performance in English, Maths and Science
  • Academic excellence
  • Online tutoring saves travel time and physical effort
  • The student learns in a home environment

Action Point: I want my child to start meeting expert online tutors when he’s in high school

The Pros:  Online Tutoring At eTutorWorld which is one of the best online tutoring organizations 

  • Exposure to world-class online education standards
  • Mentoring in addition to tutoring
  • Years of experience
  • Proven track record
  • Well-designed worksheets
  • Highly researched study material /course material
  • Syllabi updated as per latest norms and standards in the United States of America
  • Adequate practice tests
  • Professional and competent tutors
  • The child gets love and attention due to personal tutoring unlike that in the technical interface of recorded sessions downloaded from the internet
  • The tutoring schedule is flexible and personalized as per individual
  • Tutor gauges and recognizes the strong points and shortcomings of each student
  • Tutoring is customized to each student’s need, skill and learning graph
  • Proven track record of tutoring students from Grade 3 right through grade 9, grade 10 up to grade 11 and 12
  • Homework help is accessible and adequate
  • Grades at school start improving right away
  • Parents are happy ☺ and write encouraging testimonials
  • Prepares students for SAT, PSAT
  • Not run by an individual but is an established organization

Action Point: In order to provide the best online tutoring available at high school, I will logon to www.eTutorWorld.com, and schedule or pre book a free online trial session to help me take a well informed and a quick decision.

The Cons:

A small investment of Time, Effort and Money!

Time is ticking away, act now…grab the opportunity and get started with a free trial session that can be scheduled at your convenient date and time! 
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