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When summer is around the corner, we gear up for those upcoming weeks of swimming pools, chilled smoothies and ales, travelling and spending quality time with our families.

To start with, it seems like this is all we can do for the next 10 weeks through the entire summer break. But after a while, all these activities begin to get monotonous. We end up wondering how to spend the rest of our break productively before getting back to school.

This is a usual normal phase most of us go through and could lead to a point of frustration.

But there are so many ways we can combat boredom during those valuable 10 weeks and get back to school like a pro with a new skill set or a new look!

Today, you are going to learn what can you do during Summer. And if you are high school students, who are desperately looking for how to productively use the Summer, then let’s have a look:

Top Activities for High School Students During Summer

1. Volunteering

There are various volunteering opportunities of every type, right from animal care and babysitting to running a chartered marathon for raising funds and being a secretary at an organization.

Community service is a great way to contribute to your society while adding up to your resume. Although it can become a tedious task to find the perfect volunteering job and stay committed to it.

As they rightly say ‘Charity begins at home’, we can donate old clothes/toys/books/household goods that are usable but no longer used to an orphanage or women’s shelter. This will help clear out the unnecessary clutter from home while helping the needy.

Volunteer based on your skills and develop them. The knowledge and talent we take for granted can make a difference in someone’s life.

Sending care packages to deployed troops & veterans of your country is also a great way of contributing; websites like OperationGratitude and Give2TheTroops put up the names of the senders on their websites, as a sign of encouragement and acknowledgement.

Become a volunteer tutor, if you excel at a subject, share that knowledge with other kids and teens who are struggling. This will help you boost your confidence and concepts. You can also mentor a younger child.


2. Become An Entrepreneur

Summer is an excellent time for a start-up business, considering the ample time we have in hand and the resources.

We can also team up with our friends to start something, which can reduce the workload and help us come up with new ideas. Depending on the skills we possess, we can do simple things like mow lawns, start a car-washing service or even an electronics repair service.

On the more creative side, we can sell and showcase our art/creations on websites like Etsy.com; whereas if writing is a niche, we can consider freelance paid writing jobs. It is never too late to start from scratch and build up from there.

Throwing ourselves completely into something we’ve created and applying it in the real world is a great way to strengthen our work ethics while showing our enthusiasm and commitment towards something we love.


3. Take Up Classes

A lot of us lose out on our math and language skills over the summer months. Brushing up on these skills, will help us in the coming academic year and raise our bar of learning.

Going to summer school to further our education adds up to our resume and impresses the universities we’ll apply to.

Taking up summer courses at our high school or at the local community college nearby is a great way to.

In order to use time productively, online summer courses from the comfort of our homes is an excellent option. It saves up travel time, travel costs and gives us the option to learn at any time of the day.

There are an exceptional number of online courses we can register for in a jiffy, ranging from Math and Science courses to courses on literary arts and languages. 

There are various websites offering high school students free courses online along with practice sessions and counselling.

Online Tutoring is the new doorway towards efficient and comfortable learning. Many websites offer live tutoring sessions depending on the course chosen from their wide range of options. Search for courses which not only keep your interest but also adds to your mental abilities and experience.

Summer course sessions aren’t as lengthy as the ones at school and are more focused on your interest or the course you’ve taken up. This helps students focus better on their goals and even excel better at summer programs instead of school.

Moreover, online sessions range from 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the student’s requirements and learning pace.

So summer courses at an institute or even online, are undoubtedly beneficial for any student with a genuine interest in the course and help them walk into high school or college with a better level of confidence.

Even for students right out of high school, college summer programs are a great option. Colleges offer summer courses which last for 6-8 weeks or even just 7 days and are rigorous academically.


4. Spend The Summer Abroad

A few weeks in an unknown place helps you break out of your comfort zone and expand your horizons while also experiencing other cultures.

Discovering new food and different kinds of people will open up our minds and allow us to blend with a different environment, hence raising our adaptability.

There are programs offered overseas in the areas of adventure, skill training and academics, also offering scholarships to cover the expenses.

You can also look for an internship overseas which will help you work and travel to different countries simultaneously.

Looking for summer programs in a foreign university is a good way to learn a 2nd or 3rd language, and meet different people which will add to your social life and communication skills.


5. Make College Connections

For those heading off to university after the summer, it’ll be a good decision to visit the colleges applied to and even take a campus tour.

Since most college offices remain open during the summer, paying an informal visit to the university and making connections with the staff and professors is a great way to get to know the place.

This also impresses the college as they keep track of who visits the campus and for what purposes while showcasing your genuine interest in the university. When the application processes roll in, you can have an upper hand over those applicants who couldn’t visit.


6. Workout

Summer is known to be the season of working out and getting rid of those extra kilos. With a cool balanced diet and a regular exercise regime, you will be able to see brilliant results in just 6-10 weeks.

Whether you need to shed the extra weight or just tone down your body, summer is the best time to get started. There are various aerobics and ‘Zoomba’ courses which are offered along with Sports camps and Yoga trips this season.

To beat the heat, swimming is the best form of workout, as it is relaxing and refreshing. Inviting your friends over for some pool games is also a great idea, as it’ll motivate you to complete those extra laps and have a good time.

Visiting the gym or playing your favourite sport will make all the difference too! Working out will help improve concentration and memory levels incredibly, making you feel confident and helping build up your personality; so that you’re ready to take up the new year in school in a smart and healthy way.

The Bottom Line

These are just a few of the innumerable ways to make the most of your summer break and get back to school feeling good about yourself and your surroundings.

There are endless possibilities of utilizing the precious time at hand during the summer, all we need is a bit of motivation, imagination and focus to do and create wonderful things!